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On get this every class of nasa manned orbital space craft of the 20th century that's record incredible mercury gemena apollo and the space shuttle the only one of these who didn't fly on those is gus grissom because he was killed in the apollo one pad fire but uh everyone else made it two at at the very least a you know that those those early missions and of course always through the space shuttle john glenn who flew in the space shuttle of course uh was actually the last survivor of the class and died last year as we mentioned on the show when he passed um nasser's regional plan was to cast a wider net when naming astronauts there was a whole a funny seen in the right stuff where they're like uh we could get acrobats we could get long distance runners and prison eisenhower said no why don't we just get test pilots why don't we get people from the military and with test pilot backgrounds they're gonna understand 'aeronautics they're going to understand what's going on in the craft that are going to be developed a day on they understand the risks they are the right people to do this they have the right stuff if you will so um among the requirements for being a member of the mercury seven you couldn't be taller than one hundred eighty centimetres that's five eleven which means that i qualify barely by height but they also couldn't way more than one hundred eighty pounds i would have to go on a little bit of a diet to get under the '80s you kilogram the basically the capsule was very small and so your hack today i uh i i would not qualify now because of my age but of course my asian nineteen 58 with not be a problem i didn't exist 'cause you had to be under forty you had to have heavy bachelor's degree or equivalent and here's that key test pilot thing 1500 hours of flying time and qualification to fly jet aircraft even though of course there were essentially almost no controls on the mercury capsule this was a way for them to say this is these are the people we want we want people understand this sort of thing stephen do you qualify to be an astronaut.

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