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It's just that's the way it goes. If you're if you're in the NFC south, you must calculate. Well, this is the way the falcons do it. And you've seen the best example's probably the NFC north with all the big QB's and everything and the oil we have Aaron Rodgers in our division air. Go. Those the bears. Did the bears are all about we got to figure out how to disrupt Aaron Rodgers zig when they zag the paper. It's never for once in fifteen years at the thing. How are we going to get through this division before we start figuring anything the NFC south comparison works out perfectly because Julio Jones's business division forever? It's all right. So we're going to draft a cornerback. How do we deal with Julio Jones and these are decisions that other teams are making? Meanwhile, the jets and the dolphins and the bills are like how do we win football game? Like, that's that's literally there at step one. And they've been at step air all bad decade. They've all been bad teams for mostly for. I mean, listen, all right fine. The dolphins with gas in his first year when the playoffs the Sanchis jets went to to title game so on and so forth, but you get the larger picture, and and don't be wise with me bills fans about your playoff run last year. That was so many playoff run that playoff Rome was bad. It wasn't good. They didn't have the quarterback. They wanted. They got their guy now. Congratulations. But of course, you're going to win games because I can say this is a pedigree snob when you're always dry. In the top ten. You have enough talent to win some games. You're gonna win a handful of games over the course of a season. Anyhow the patriots. You say the Texans. Are they don't want the Texans? I don't think they want the Texans. They almost like team zero history. They talk about pressure that team should be that franchise Bill O'Brien. And so on you know, and by the way, I know this Shawn Watson company went up there and beat them in. What was that week to week four whatever that was in two thousand seventeen and bad call on Philip door set? Touchdown whatever that was. They had them beat blues. Brandin cooks Brandin cooks. You're right in the patriots summarily dumped, wait a minute. You mean to tell me there was a big play by the New England Patriots and Philip door set wasn't involved. I find that hard to believe. But okay. Yeah, you're right. It was Brandin cooks either way. Yes. And they can rush the passer, but they have to be Bill. Bella check OBI Bill O'Brien. I gotta believe that. That's the that's the way that would go down. But they are built to rush the passer. You just mean? I mean, I do not would not need to whatever, I don't know, my my shoe collection. I don't know. I bet my shoe collection on it. I can tell you a certainty. I'll still have my shoes after the patriots defeat the Texans. Just just I loved the Shawn Watson to I love watching him. If you copquin, but they'll beat them. If you wore fourteen Dave I the bed one hundred percent. But I was just don't have the space. I'm with you. I love the hot take that you and spaghetti the unions. Forget him. So that was was that a humble brag does that count as a humble what he just said that I wear a size fourteen. I think that's well, it's just a big issue. I'm only at thirteen loo look at work in his own home. We're on team anti patriots right now. I was because it it made sense. Like, if we were the same size shoe because I- schematically logistically, what am I gonna do with the bunch of shoes don't fit I wear a twelve. That's not a ham and Egger. I don't know. What that means who am I Greg Rosenthal of a sudden, and that was double Mubrak to we don't need damasec. Where's where's the nice a nice size shoe? You know, no one's ever been going around with Dave Logan out small shoes knows adverse MVP. I wear a seven two seven. She says I'm not going to sit here. And in the same episode called fat and painting. I'm not gonna do literally. Nobody calls you. I heard what you implored everybody to call..

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