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Showed me something. They haven't had that you know we've talked about the roster the roster's better than it's been a long time whenever the year is if you want to go back to two thousand five or two thousand or nineteen ninety one. Whatever it is the roster is as complete or It has the fewest number of holes. That it's had in a long long time and they added skill position players and some of the skill position players already had You know started to prove themselves. And we'll be better with a good quarterback so you know on the list of things that i liked. I really liked the playmakers. The skill position players on offense last night in terms of just evaluating the player and the way. They played most all the quarterbacks most of the running backs most of the tight ends in most of the receivers played well. And i would've evaluated them pretty highly last night and it's encouraging to see some guys who can really make some place and i think it's really encouraging to see fitzpatrick and logan. Thomas connect on a back shoulder throw. It looked like they had done it for years together. And to see maclaurin come underneath on that big throw from fitzpatrick to see fitzpatrick work. His way across progression in hit atom humphries for a third down conversion. He only missed one thrown. It was to humphries. Also on the list of things that i liked. I thought sam cosmi in his first game at right tackle. I thought he showed pretty well. And you'll hear what ron rivera said about him in some of the other young players but i thought cosmi who played i think every snap in the first half They loved him. I i i told you guys before the draft there were a few players That i told you they. The offensive staff really likes cosmi and brown. Were two of them. The receiver out of ole miss was another one and there was another player that i can't remember right now and they got caused me and diani brown when they drafted causing me because i had heard that they were really high on them. I was thinking left tackle at the time they were. They were clearly thinking right tackle. He's you're starting right. Tackle right now right. I don't think it's going to be anybody. But him. I mean is it gonna be david sharp. Who's on cove is going to be cornelius. Lucas who's miss some time. No i think we saw what they believe. They're starting offensive. Line is going to be. You know 'cause me sheriff. Roue schweitzer and leno We saw flowers in there A lot last night We saw city charles. Take some snaps at left tackle. But i thought causing me was really impressive. He's on the list of things that i liked. I thought there punt returning situation which i talked about yesterday really was impressive. You can make a lot of big returns in preseason games and we saw guy andre carter who decisively and comfortably caught the ball and then was decisive in his decision making to get the ball upfield he had to returns both of nineteen yard returns for thirty eight yards in an average of nineteen yards per punt return. That's pretty damn good. Dax milne had a nineteen yard punt return. He looked good. Stevenson's junior did not do well on his one punt return but stevenson's junior had a really good catch in the game as a receiver so the punt return thing at least on night one in the preseason from a player evaluation standpoint gives you something to be. You know marginally optimistic about they need something from the return game. The punt return game Lastly chase young So thank god. They didn't go and win that giant game in twenty nineteen right. Can you imagine they had a really good chance to win that game at the end of that year if they won that giant game which they were desperately trying to do in twenty nineteen chase young would be a new york giant not a washington. Football team player. They lost that game in overtime. Thank god daniel. Jones lead and overtime drive right. It was the only drive. I think it was like you know one drive. I don't think washington never touch the ball. And they threw a touchdown pass and they won the game. That was like the best possible. Scenario that day you know. Haskins played well The mclaren was outstanding. D you know it was a shootout game but they lost it you know. They also had a chance. Remember to philadelphia towards the end of that year two and they lost that game. Thankfully my god. You got a transcendent once in a decade type of talent in chase young and i thought one of the more interesting parts of last night was that his move on the sac which was not a it was an incomplete pass and by the way i think that's i'm correctly called i thought cam newton's arm was going forward and i thought that was an incomplete pass. First of all he's not going to be solo blocked In in most games. I mean unless you really have tackles like tampa did last year and tampa really handled him in that playoff game. But if you don't have a strong tackle he's going to get shipped if not double. They're gonna game plan for him. He's a guy that finally defensively they've got a guide. You have to game plan for. But i thought the use of his hands the angle that he got his body in and just the quick twitch edge speed but the way he used his hands to create that lane and as quickly as he got to cam newton a big dude that he hit hard and brought down and forced to lose the football again. His arm was moving forward in an incomplete. Pass it's hard not to be optimistic. Debt with sweat and with young and with allen and with pain and with and nitis that they're not gonna be a really difficult front four deal with weaken and week out so young second year full off season young was hurt for part of last year You know if they allow themselves To play to play within that scheme which is a good one with rivera. Always has been Sweat and or young is going to have a big year and maybe it's a sweat because of his talent but also because so much focuses on young Or maybe it's both of them. I don't know but that That was a pretty jarring first series. Pass rush hit from chase young as far as doron pain. I'm not as worked up as many of you are on him. Not falling on the ball. The ball was bouncing up. A little bit you know. He should have grabbed. Cleanly but defensive tackles. Don't grab anything cleanly in by the way they don't fall on fumbles and protect the ball very cleanly and consistently either. I wanna see an aggressive defense. That tries to score did last year. It had to last year. You had the sweat touchdown in the dallas game on thanksgiving. You had to chase young score against the niners. I wanna see a playmaking defense for the first time in a long long time. And i think they've got the capability of doing that. Obviously there are certain situations and most of you would say it's every situation where you just try to fall on the ball but at the ball's bouncing around in bounces up waist high. I wanna see him. Try to make a play with it. that is the list of things that i liked The things that i didn't like will we start with the obvious dustin hopkins. It's amazing to me that doesn't hopkins is entering his seventh season here. I've mentioned this many times. I'll do it again to beat the the dead horse Over and over again. If you watch hopkins kick up close and i have in ashburn. There is no doubt in my mind. Why any coach. Any special teams coach. Any bystander is just wowed by dustin hopkins. The ball explodes off his foot. It does and it gets up quickly. A does everything that a special teams coach once. He's got the strong leg. He gets immed- elevation so there's no chance of being blocked. But he's a very inconsistent kicker and he has been and that's a problem and he's missed so many big kicks twenty sixteen season is still on the bothers me the most partly because i understand they played poorly on january first and my guy cousins played a bad game in a game against a team that had nothing to play for and they lost to the giants and didn't go to the playoffs. Instead of being nine six and one with back to back playoff years they finished eight seven and one and didn't make the postseason. The defense was terrible in that game on january. First as well. But i you know..

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