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The quantity of sleep that changes with aging it's will sue the quality of sleep and it seems to be particularly the deepest stage of sleep something that we call non rapid i movement sleep on non rmc sleep and the very deepest ages of phnom rim sleep those are selectively eroded by be aging process and by the time you're in your 50s you've perhaps lost almost forty two fifty percent of that deep sleep that you are having for example when you were a teenager by aged seventy you may have lost almost ninety percent of that deep sleep for people who have trouble sleeping whether it's a function of age anxiety or pain are just they're not very talented at sleeping a lot of those people turn to pills of one sort or another to helps said the pill might be an ambient kind of power melatonin or innocent mother over the counter erber or whatever so let's talk about some of these options and see what you think of them let's start with melatonin i want you to describe what melatonin is and what it's good for and what it's really not going to be very helpful with melatonin is actually a hormone that is released when darkness begins and so during the day melatonin is actually suppressed and is at low levels within the brain and the body but as dusk starts to occur normally tune in levels will start to rise and melatonin as a consequence is being called the hormone of darkness or the vampire hormone i think i've even heard people call it and melatonin is designed to help.

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