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Of our community, a very small fraction of our community who, actually they're not going to get vaccinated. They've already told us. They don't believe in vaccines, so we're not going to encourage anyone else to get vaccinated by not moving forward with this convenient cutting edge opportunity. Supervisor. Foley said People who are worried about being tracked should just turn off their cellphones because many other platforms and APS do much more harm than good when it comes to privacy. And more vaccine news. Many counties in Southern California and the Bay Area have already given at least one dose of the cove in 19 vaccine to more than 70% of the eligible population. In fact, more than 85% of Marin County residents who are 16 and older have gotten at least one shot. That's not the story in some of the more rural counties in the state, which are lagging well behind and getting people vaccinated. Michelle Schmidt is supervising public health nurse in tow him a county where just over 20% of people 16 and older are fully vaccinated, she tells the California report. Despite those numbers, the county's making every effort to get shots out to the public. We've offered. You know the vaccine early in the morning fancied starting at 7 30 in the morning and we've had clinics all the way going till seven o'clock at night a swell as we've offered them on Saturday. So I think from that standpoint of having that availability for multiple days and hours, we've definitely tried to provide that for our community. I think there's just individuals that just don't want to get the vaccine. It says Educating the public can also be a challenge. I think sometimes folks believe more on Facebook than they do. Public health officials. So that's been an interesting endeavor and trying to address those concerns in a scientific manner, she says To him, a county is working on more mobile clinics to make doses more available. And turning to L. A Los Angeles County continues to make progress in vaccinating and presidents. But L A public health director Barbara Ferrer says it could take slightly longer to reach a point of so called herd immunity. We have probably over two million more first doses to go before 80% of all L, a County residents, 16 and older Will have received at least one vaccine at the Rayburn going. We expect that we couldn't reach this level somewhere and live to late July. Ferrer noted that this would depend on the county continuing at the vaccination rate It's currently at which is giving 400,000 doses a week. He says. Improving vaccination rates and communities of color is where the county is focusing. Most of its efforts on Lee 38% of black residents and 42% of Latino residents in L. A county have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Another pandemic news. Two more counties in California have moved to the least restrictive yellow tear when it comes to reopening covert 19 numbers have improved in both San Matteo and Mona counties, allowing more places there to reopen with higher capacity limits. Madera County is also moved from the red here to the less restrictive orange Here on Lee, nine California counties remain in the Reds here as we approached June 15th..

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