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For whatever reason at least for me in my experience my brothers experience as well data's been working really well for me i feel really good it's not hurting my stomach uh and again the more that i've stuck to just eating meat the leaner i've gotten uh another question that pops up quite a bit is uh so in terms of fiber like i don't think i only a missing out on anything because uh i'm going to the bathroom uh regularly in everything feels good you're gonna notice that you go to the bathroom less though when you start to switch over to a diet where you eat better um you could if you wanted to try the carnivore die and you were kinda like i don't know how safe that is just have a fucking serving spinach every day to just throw it though it in their second a key is spinach i'm not here to try to promote or to tell you that vegetables are bad for you i think that's actually a a really shitty thing that we've developed in this country is to try to tell people stuff that's good for them they were trying to tell them it's bad for them you know people have they've even ghana's this is how fatter fucking country as we've gone so far as to study the negative side effects of cardiovascular training and people like oh rubtsov muscle man you can't do that just asinine man if you wanna do some cardio go ahead and do some cardio and just realized that it's may not be the most efficient thing he might sprints or something like that might be more beneficial it might be better way to spend your time um but you know the 10minute walks in all the different stuff that i'm doing.

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