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Other than that you're pretty much ace out of existing human life but this guy marcus actually came right out and said he didn't want you shopping there few months pass everybody forgets we know who the general clientele of places like this is who do you think goes to camping world who do you think goes to like a gander mountain or now ganor outdoors i would guess probably more trump's supporters than hillary clinton supporters so it's the perfect attack you take a bunch of people telling you to want to come into the store knowing they're going to come into the store and spend their money anyway but in the meantime you oppress people who might not have otherwise come to your store liberals by putting yourself out there is somebody that's so enlightened that you're willing to take on someone is despicable as trump and they get i don't know how far you're supposed to go certainly liberals have a right to their opinion and i don't believe that it just because a liberal excesses that opinion you shouldn't patronize their business in the same way that it's ridiculous to say you shouldn't patronize the business of conservative because the person is a conservative when the guy comes right out and says i don't want you to come to the star i think that would be probably a pretty good tip off that you ought not go to the store and get everybody's got their own standard of where they're going to draw the line of where they're not going to draw the line but you know the way it really works the people who are the ones who still like the pansy spice and they're not gonna they're not gonna be put off by the fact that pens he's calling them a racist for having voted for scott walker at a horrible human being for supporting donald trump and i do get you know what to cut off your nose despite your face if somebody makes a brand of beer and they're obnoxious you're not going to buy the beer that you lied like because the person who's selling it is obnoxious i think however get camping world and gander mountain deserve a special place at least for remembrance because you're seeing this again in the same thing.

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