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That he is the phone number the up each had a couple of things uh first and foremost uh let's talk about london was around i guess just after lunch east coast time that we started to see stories emerging about what was said potentially shooting in the oxford circus subway station which is who present the busiest had secondbusiest i believe and you saw people lien you some people sheltering employees who saw police descending upon the area and of course you couldn't help but think about two highprofile incidents thus far this year that you've seen including the london bridge i there in london yes and they started to see old and there was a report that a woman was injured and say she was shot put you just had all these reports coming out and immediately when i see that they don't put the word shot on there i wonder if she wasn't injured in the just the panic that ensues well uh apparently i was right uh stacey woman sustained minor injury when leaving which supplied word for saying uh getting swoosh light the black price or just opened and uh thority say they've not been able to substantiate any trace of suspects evidence of shots being fired or any casualties for that matter so all clear on that and uh i guess could see that it was not in fact a uh a true attack out one that is getting overshadowed strangely uh use what happened in egypt those numbers continue to climb that is absolutely horrific two hundred thirty five so the number i'm operating on right now seen a couple that were higher at least two hundred thirty also reported to have been injured uh basically friday prayer uh and this is this is uh uh islam a one one is version of islam verses and others version slum which shy is uh brought about many many many in attack and as specifically it was on a group of mystical islamist who had gathered for friday prayer men women children and uh essentially well isis psoriasis offshoots who had been held up on the uh sinai peninsula there and what was especially i devious about this is not only did they initially tact the people who were therefore friday prayers but they also strategically blocked off the entrances to limit the grass for the people inside an even stuck around long enough to attack god people were showing up to help including i mean there were shooting at ambulances.

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