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Am Becca Tobin here with Jack Panic and Kelsey night. BECA has makeup on I have full Glam. I just finished a home shoot. Oh, how did it go? It was a good good time and actually you know I'm going to bring this into you know time for. Good we yes, it is bad we. Know. So my good week is that. I finally finished my house upstairs downstairs it still a hot mess but every other room has done and we did a home shoot today. of all the rest of the rooms that we hadn't done and it was a weird day because there's fires all over. California. Like everything's orange but doesn't it one that gives you a nice lighting. The lighting inside my house is like apocalyptic right now it really is such a weird thing right now, I feel so bad for the people in southern and northern California skies are bright orange were there. Yes crazy anyways good week as I finally did that, and soon you guys will see my photos. We're going to try to get an exclusive with someone important in a new you know my favorite part of your houses. is in your bathroom, downstairs the phone in the bathroom. God it can't be the bathroom downstairs because that has not been touched by loves. I. Love the phone like who you call it in. Their does I love. I love this renovation timeline to beca because it's like literally on your instrument you days ago you guys were like painting a wall, and then you shot at today like wait way last minute the finishing touches while because we have. An amazing designer who's like one of those creative types who like get struck by an idea and we just execute and thank goodness we did because like it looks amazing. It's just you know final hour shit. Okay. So bad week is this. I go to I have a mailbox like a separate mailbox from my home address so that I can get stuff sent there and people don't realize. Po Box? So the other day I went into it's not really a Po box like a mailbox plays I. Don't know the difference. So weird I go into the place and I'm like picking up my mail and I go to the CA-. It's the same people every time every time, and I'm like Hey I'm picking up a package. Will there like they look at me? So Weird Near like this is for number three, nine three. Now's like Y-yeah. They're like are.

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