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Holding in my hand and article from the baltimore sun july twenty five twenty seventeen headline blame baltimore violence on lack of fathers in the home article says according to the us census bureau children living without fathers heavy four hundred percent increase chance of being poor only about one tenth of children living with both parents are in poverty oh i can start and stop it just one tenth if you think about it yeah everyone you know whose mom and dad like stayed together doing okay right yeah there's just so obvious it almost doesn't make sense urban report them in the news i know stat and it doesn't but it should be real obvious that we at least focus on it instead of sust racism but all right here we go health and human services department also says that drug and alcohol abuse it's far greater among children living without fathers melissa keeney is a professor in the department of economics university of maryland and she said and i'm quoting her research consistently shows the kids who live with to mary parents have lower rates of poverty have higher cognitive test scores in childhood have fewer behavioral problems they have better health outcomes they're less likely to live in poverty when the twentyfive the more likely to complete college less likely to become young on married parents themselves into quote this is from the charles kettering foundation quote children from low income two parent families outperform student from high income single parent homes so it's not about the money almost twice as many high achievers com that's now drives me nuts it's like socio people pours feel port stay together and you outperform i don't know if the rich people are doing much better and you finance only with a single parent so why nonstop money talk from huff po and gavin news wise it always they don't have the reason the state at gather and outperform and outs also one of the things where you go you think about it and you know that's right that's right they stay together and they have stable family then we all know the rich kid with the single thing and the mom was capped in the kid got newer prescription drugs and dropped out whatever they're less than zero.

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