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Military personnel could be working at the sites. Military teams will be giving vaccines. The sights opening next week, maybe sees Alex Stone in Los Angeles President Trump Lashing out at the top Republican in the Senate, who blamed him for inciting the Capitol attack longer has his Twitter bullhorn. But former president Trump is back, delivering online insults through his political action committee website, calling his former Senate ally Mitch McConnell, a dour Solan and unsmiling political hack the former president taking credit for McConnell's re election and saying that he regrets endorsing him, claiming McConnell quote begged him for his support. Maybe Suzanne to field in Washington, former Major League baseball player and McDonald's franchise owner. Her Washington is suing the fast food giant. Saying the company limited him to buying restaurants and predominantly black communities. You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues on Co Moh news, 1000 FM and Welcome to the Cuomo afternoon news. It is 402 I'm Rick fan sites with ELISA Jaffe. Here's what's happening. Governor Inslee says War Washington schools or eligible to Reopen Co. Most Charlie Harder has the story with case numbers in hospitalizations continuing to decline and more and more people getting vaccinated as a backdrop. Insley continues to encourage schools to reopen, he says. It can be done safely. What we have demonstrated, and what the CDC has confirmed is that we can have on site education in a safe and effective way. And this is really great news for all of us. He actually says it's important to allow families to opt out in favor of online classes if necessary, But there are concerns from teacher unions. Some worry about the safety for older teachers and those with medical conditions. Inslee says teachers over 50 will be in the next wave of people eligible to be vaccinated. Charlie Harder. Come on Hills. King County follows Seattle considering requiring grocers to pay workers hazard pay due to cove in while one chain says it's forced to close stores. We have a full rundown of all this now from comas, who Romero Kroger, which owns QFC says it's closing two stores in Seattle on Capitol Hill and in Wedgwood, due to the city's recent $4 an hour hazard pay requirement for grocery workers. Tiffany Sanders with QFC. We feel bad. We're not in the business of closing stores. We really do not want this to happen, but the stores were already struggling financially. But Sarah Cheron with the grocery workers Union, local 21 says Kroger is trying to keep other local communities from adopting hazard pay. Today's announcement by Kroger Too close to Seattle QFC S is a case of over the top greed and bullying and it shows how much how out of touch Kroger is with our community, she testified before the King County Council on its hazard paper. Postal, Sanders says workers at the closing QFC stores will get the extra pay until stores close April 24th c. Romero come on news. Nonpayment of traffic tickets might not lead to a suspended license. That's the idea behind a bill sponsored by Democratic State Senator Emily Randall. The argument is that suspension due to nonpayment disproportionately affects minorities and the poor. Opponents of the bill, tell the Olympian that eliminating the threat of a suspended license would lead to non payment of fines and even the disregard for traffic safety laws. Jeff Pooja, look Come on news still to come on. Co Moh haven't found a body but police know a Tri cities Man is dead. I'm Carleen Johnson what His girlfriend and another man are now accused of Come on news time now, 404. Let's get an update on camo traffic would do that for you every 10 minutes on the floors from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center, and here's Marina Rock injured. It's quite slow South found four or five in Bellevue from Northeast eight through Newcastle almost won 12 south down I five crowded. On the ship, Canal Bridge passed Roanoke and then down towards Pine Street in Seattle. Then it starts to improve and no trouble at all, even through South Center north and four or five some slowdowns in the tequila's area near the West Valley Highway. Heavy south down I five from highway 18 into the five curve. And of course we've been watching those passes today. Snoqualmie Pass is open traction tires Advise both directions of I 90 Stevens pass remains closed until crews can reassess situation tomorrow at 8 A.m.. So the pass is closed. That's highway to your next Come with traffic of 4 14 this traffic update sponsored by Beacon plumbing, heating and electrical called beacon today and say $50 on all electrical work. Just call 1 800 freaking and stop freakin Called Beacon Alright weather from the diversified crawl Space Weather Center. Here's your forecast with meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell. The big thigh is definitely hear a lot of dirty melting, slushy snow on all of our streets here throughout western Washington as we warm up to nearly 50 through our Tuesday, so that's gonna put a A bit of a stress on that snow pack as we head into Wednesday, things dry out nearly completely. We'll start out in the thirties, though. So some chili readings out of the gate warming up into the low to mid forties with a nice drive break on Wednesday afternoon in the Comer Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell, Bellevue Temperature 46. Tacoma. Wow, a balmy 50 to Seattle 48 degrees and ever it now 45. You're in.

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