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Tim Hasselbeck are find intrepid ESPN NFL analyst with us in studio. Tim, we always say and Bill Belichick. This is his mantra more team more games are lost than one. So let me ask you. The question. Did the bears lose that game Sunday night in Chicago or the eagles win it? I'll say the eagles won it. Because of you know, the drive the Nick foles puts together. I mean, they go for it on fourth down. You're getting zero blitz coverage. He's gotta make a great throw because Darren sproles really isn't able to get his block. So I never liked taking credit away from guys that under that type of pressure. Do something to help their team win the game. And then if in fact that ball kicked by Cody parkey is deflected in some way. Again, I wouldn't want to take the credit away from the guys on field goal rush that ultimately end up influencing the game. So I'll say Philadelphia wanna game rather than the bears lose. What are we say about Nick foles? I mean at this point again they didn't score ton. But to leads him onto scoring drives one with a minute to go. He's getting it done in the playoffs. It's it's making some people. I disagree with them say, oh, maybe it's foles down the road here. Not Carson Wentz who continues to get hurt. Why would you say this in terms of in terms of that? Now's probably not the time for a quarterback controversy discussion. But like even if he takes the team back to the Super Bowl. I do think you have to maybe start to think about it a little bit differently. If you're if you're Philadelphia with that being said. I I just think sometimes teams, you know, things will happen. Where teams feel like this is our year. It's a special year. Things are bouncing our way. And here we go Nick foles gets back in the lineup. You've playing like he did last year in the postseason. And then you have the field goal hit off the upright. Then. Yeah. It's like sometimes you just like, yeah. This is our year. Like, you know, you hear people like we were destined to be that team. Or you have that confidence that it'll happen where you have other teams are like, oh, no. Here we go again. I think the here we go again for Philadelphia is we're gonna win this thing. Again. Like, I look at the breaks that we're getting it the way that our backup quarterback is playing. It just gets to me it feels like they are having those feelings all over again, are they legitimate? A secondary is is playing better. And Nick foles is kind of cool in those pressure moments. I think the offense is operating better with him the way he is playing. So I listen if I were in that locker room, I would feel like we're going to do this again. Wow. New Orleans November eighteenth eleven forty eight to seven so. In what I'm saying is sometimes you feel like yes, are we? This is the things like sometimes you get that feeling in a locker room that like this is our year. We're going to win this game. Even with all that other stuff. I guarantee you they feel like a different team than they did week eleven. So let's go quickly to the Saturday games in both winning teams in your thoughts on on them. I the colts and then Dallas colts. I think probably a similar team in that. They're playing their best football the year. They're running the football. And I think that they match up well against Kansas City because of their ability to run the football. So. That's how I would. I would certainly see it for them. And for Dallas, look, they're an interesting team as well. I think Dak Prescott has been probably unfairly criticized I think he's played pretty well with without a ton of town around at receiver or tight, and I think those guys starting to play a little bit better. Obviously Cooper's had a good impact. But if they can play good defense kinda slow the game down and run the football than they've got a chance so Dallas's chances as much as I like the colts have an upset. But. But I do think both member login shop. Well, we certainly seen the Rams have all kinds of issues stopping the run. I mean that that has that has been the issue with that team. If you can do that you can keep that high flying offense off the field the question, then becomes because I think a lot of times on wild card weekend. We tend to react to the thing that we just saw. And we forget those teams that have a bye by reason. Right. Like, I get everyone saying, for example with the Kansas City Chiefs weather, the number one seat are they really the number one seed. I mean, they have won a playoff game since nineteen Ninety-three at home and NFL record six straight losses. Well, these guys want any part of that. And by the way, they have a guy. That's a difference maker this year in Kansas City in Patrick Mahomes. I'm sorry hall of Famer, Pat. I mean, but you can't you can't discount that factor in this game. I mean, yes your hundred percent correct on that. You're right about the Rams though. I mean, you know, we if you think about how much we've talked about Aaron Donald and Dominic and sue and how incredible those guys are I wanna say probably still giving up over five yards per carry on season. Like, that's a huge number especially when you're facing a team. That's got one of the best backs in the league a very good offensive line. And should stay committed to running the football. I think that's one of the big keys when you look when you look like will they if it's not going great early on running the ball. Will they stick with it? Will they call over twenty Russia's in a quick thought Kansas City, the Rams New England New Orleans four home teams who has the possibility of losing. I think Kansas City. Yeah. I. I you have ten seconds salient point now. Yeah. Thanks for our intrepid za fine. You're fine. Dude. I just want you to know.

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