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And not how now bats oh well sally ann arbor you're here we're talking about big drought has what else would we talk about frankly we had a lot to talk about you know you mentioned that little baby one minus on the red fish to how is bathrooms redfish population these days if it's infested god i need to come down their health and their he name starting to see some bigger and bigger fish well well we've had this in 2017 i think we we probably had more red fish over fifty inches bandy yes khin then that i've met since i've been down there again we the biggest one way i was 54 um of but i've heard of some that were bigger than that so but uh gifts and shell for two back site cast into it looks like a little submarine leno man who when you see one of those up there cruising around feeding as like said i can't stand it because you know it's about a forty five now you're gonna be there wa that's like going jacks right i really wanted to adopt hill among them away i know he can help inside yankee resist i had a guy did a media trip with the people from kabila's a million years ago down to shanta laura's and we had a guy there from new jersey who had done mostly inshore fishing and they invited him along to show him salt water and we get down there and we're riding around and the same guy never caught a fish at all on the top order learn his life and were easing along this one shoreline and by eight or ten of these big giant redfish up there in a foot and a half award backs are out of the water near moving around and odd nuts the god and he kind of nod its via listless do this so we eat him in there in those fish kinda gone down a little bit so looked pretty quiet throw in their by that shoreline right there thirty he's in there and kick in one of them comes up and tries to eat and he just yanks had a wife okay fine pass about back in their again and he did that fish came half out award aid almost on the way down and he for the next thirty minutes had the best time of his life yeah up to that moment yeah love finding those big fish like there and.

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