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Moment. Please do politicize it because we're not going to change anything unless we politicize this and talk about it because we're not doing enough right now. Casten says to the families of the victims. None of them asked to be martyrs. But he says none of the mask to be forgotten either. So he said it's time to do something positive in Aurora. Steve Miller, News Radio on one zero five point nine FM. A lawyers for former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke say prosecutors had no clear right to challenge. Van dykes eighty one month prison sentence, they say the legal reasoning behind. His sentence is consistent with state law. A petition to the supreme court from attorney general Kwami Raoul special prosecutor Joseph McMahon disputed the legal basis underlying Van Dyke sentence, which has been criticized as too lenient. But the Tribune reports van dykes lawyers argue that such challenges only appropriate an extraordinary circumstances. Or a judge is obviously violated a state statute. Which Van Dyke attorney say did not happen. When Cook County judge Vincent gone sentenced Van Dyke last month. Chicago police have put an end to a man's alleged criminal enterprise Keith Johnson reports forty five year old Kevin purdis is charged with four felony counts of theft. Thirty say purdis used multiple credit cards to make unlawful purchases they claim he obtained the cards through several break hands late last year. Purdis was spotted and arrested by police at twenty nine th of Dearborn on Sunday morning, Keith Johnson, NewsRadio one zero five point nine. FM? Police are investigating the death of a man in park forest. Police there were dispatched to the area of the three hundred block of psalm inox street about twelve thirty yesterday afternoon for a report of a man down found an eighteen year old man deceased to to signs of trauma, south suburban major crimes task force was requested and state police did some processing of the crime scene as well. Park forest. Police say preliminary investigation indicates this was not a random crime. The identity of the victim has not been released. WBZ news time three thirteen..

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