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Or to be in back Vince Caminiti, Air Sea delivery Bill Huggins of Huggins and Scott Auctions. Thanks to Erika Ostrowski and John Drummond and I'm Tom Morgan, a Triple crown in Naperville, six days a week. Thanks for listening, and everybody have a great week, ESPN 1000 was home for sports. The preceding program was a paid advertisement views reflected are not necessarily the views of ESPN 1000. ATTENTION sports collectors Are you looking to expand your collection, then mark your calendars. Now Huggins and Scott auctions and next auction. Their event of the year begins on October 9th and runs through October. 22nd. The auction has over 2000 quality, lots of sports cars and memorabilia as well as comics. Coins. Political in Hollywood items, Visit them online at Huggins and scott dot com or call them at 3016080355. That's Huggins and scott dot com. 301608035. Life. Shell. We know from the time you get up to the time you wrap up, there's a lot of meet ups eat ups and hurry up. So come to shell and get three things done It once fill up with Shell V Power Nitro plus to help keep your engine running like new save up with fuel Rewards program and never pay full price for gas again and snack up with instal rewards to save even more of the pump. Make the most of the stop. You need to make Michelle and engines that continues. So you shall be power, natural plus premium guests in terms of conditions If you work with so many new pet owners, cheesy is grooming. Can't keep up. He's he's grooming. Sorry. We're booked solid through the weekend. I could give you a call back there with something opens up..

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