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Happiness. We give you fear despair. We give you emotion escapism. We bring connection at time. A weedy connection eight nelson the world so so a long answer to a question. If when i think about today i'm very proud in a not a pat yourself back like a a if you can be humbly proud that i feel. I feel like this. It's been a heck of a journey. Pay eight years and Employee if you told me it was it. Fourteen fifteen sixteen temperance laws that we'd be sitting here at number one east after you shoot a can in that stands hit anybody This team i'm fourteen. The biggest season ticket base in the league next year. It's crazy so if you were told me then now if you'd have told me i couldn't go to tell my kids not gains by. He can't come by why. Because i don't want you to hear what they're screaming at. That's so that you know like you know you want to check out good. Go go go to google Scott meal you see like what that was like. I don't think people really understand like what that was. I know what that was like. I was through it. I went through the mud. And i got i love this organization is i love the people here. I love this a family. We take care of each other treat each other. Well we worked really hard. You have a really really big is really big goals in talk about growth and business is fun and it's a man's tough day for sure so i mean obviously i appreciate the long view here a reporter. That's my whole point of my profession is professional emotional distance. I can sit here and go. You know i could tell somebody. Yeah you know what i know. You're disappointed but the sixers think about where you were exactly what you just presented. Scott the trajectory and the path that this this franchise has been on the evolution. And that's all great knows where positive things in philly philly fans eight years ago seven years ago. Whatever would have killed for for that outcome. Guess what guys. Here's where you're going to be twenty twenty one but of course none of that matters today because just the sting of defeat and not just that but this team had legitimate championship hopes and the roster the coach the front office. Everything is in place that you look at it in. The outline of a championship is there. And you're falling a couple rounds short now. So what would you when you have to be in the moment of it. And i know for yourself and for your own sanity you need to take the long view but those same fans you alluded to everywhere else. What are you telling them at a moment like now or is there anything you can tell fan animal at this time. Time heals all wounds Began you know you've been in business. I mean i think i met you but two thousand three little later in the two thousands but somewhere in there area.

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