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Do that. That seems so much more fun than my questions. Similar related. They were two groups of women obviously would you rather hang out with Carcelle Erica Denise Lisa or would you rather hang out with Kyle Sutton and? Tariq's. That's not a question. Okay. So I'm also conflicted on Erica this season because I feel like she's kind of being mean as well. But I really like, Erica, like I really like her I think so I, I would want to hang out with her in general because she's seem so cool to me. I stand Erica Jane I just think she seems so awesome. Did you read her book by Chance I finished it? Yeah I did it made me Laker even more. Me Too. I really. Like her story her son is so high and I know he's single. Her son cat it lakes. I'm putting it out there. He's hot. So powers that be. Oh yes. Piece demanding in uniform sign me up could you imagine having Erica Jane as Your mother-in-law in? That's the other layer to it. I would absolutely love it. Imagine how much she would elevate you. Just imagine it. Oh, dislike can I just hang out with you and Mikey and you're Glam team correctly can you show me how to pat the plus like I wanna learn it all him. I like your outfit well a bit like can I look at your snout in Split like back so cool to me in like I was more confident with your son I'm sure. I just love and I enjoyed her this season like seeing her at shakers at the very beginning of the season layer hearing that side of her and seeing how she got her start like I. Really appreciated that about her. And like she's more relatable than Duri 'cause like I don't did to read come for money I don't remember I don't understand I. Don't know if she even has money. Now I, understand at all lake. Her I don't I don't get it, but it's interesting. Everything about her is interesting but does it make sense? We're we're living money. I live in Florida Oh, you do. Okay. So you're an east coaster Iran. So do you guys have Buca Di Beppo in? Florida. We don't at least not where I live. Have you been to book about bowery familiar with the style of restaurant? I, not is it kind of like Olive Garden? I would say it's all of Garden but family styles though instead of like own dish you order like if we had a table of like five people, we would order like maybe two or three things. These coarser or which share The hilarity of a chain restaurant to reap buying one room of one restaurant of a chain like the whole thing is so bizarre and just believing. It's just more mystery of Derek for me. Yeah I don't get it. PK peak high is terrible. Peak having I'm sorry I. We shouldn't judge people by their partners, but like she chose him and picked him and lives with him and loves him like ill, what do you love about it here I know it's so can the whole thing is confusing I think Erica jeans I was like, I'm riddle in A. What was her tagline like I'm a Moment. Riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in cash. That's. Like I don't get it like. I was so intrigued by and she's interesting Jan.. frigging son. I shouldn't say freaking sunny soak use. Her kids are adorable. No there. So freaking in, you know what? They all have really attractive kids. I will say that Lisa's Lisa Reynoso daughters annoy me but they're obviously gorgeous and Kyle's daughters are stunning. Oh my gosh. Win The one. I think it was Alexia who went to lease arenas house of you on the. So to go to help down, one of her daughters are mixed up all the time really apartment a meal nearly I think I would look at her this boss. Did she oh, she knowingly gather she's smart she was talking. Shit. Yeah. Kyle did a good job with her girl that will say, absolutely yeah. No matter how you feel about Kyle. I feel like she's a great mom and. Like, you can tell there's a lot of love. Do you know anything like have you heard about this rumors that Marie CEOS been cheating? I I only heard about it on the show I hadn't heard about it like like just like in tabloids or anything like not I the thing is I I wouldn't put it past mercy alike to me he's been. I have different view of him in the later seasons like he just seems. Very Cardi Guy. Guy and he's I don't know he just. He's been rubbing me the wrong way lately. I. I was so turned on by him the other day a few weeks ago when he fixed pool thing like the fact that active and can fix things is very sexy to me I was like Oh. Murray You our hot. He sees unbelievably hot. Yeah I. Go back and forth with them I like that he's been getting high all season in seeing like sitting around and just like eating and being baked is pretty funny. But now I'm just over Kyle. Honestly Goodbye Kyle that's just kind of wary you went on a gun. Because it looks like my guess is that with is it Kendra? Wilkinson the girl who was on a the playboy bunny show yeah. Yeah. Kendra Wilkinson She was just hired by Murray CEOS the agency as their new real estate agent and I'm scared that this is going to be a story line for next year like Oh rob. Andrew around now main highest threatened because it's beautiful blonde, very threatening and intimidating. Yet I'm Kinda scared that that's where this is going but I hope not I really do. I don't need that being a main storyline. There's so many other things I'd rather watch like let me just watch parceled ball put cameras on our cell. We Watch that Yeah Garcia was a good addition to it and I like the diversity they're trying to. I'm I'm easier. Lebron ever I. Now that's a whole other conversation. Really is I mean honestly the shows on ten years and it's like there are black people in Beverly. Hills just say bigger not I mean kids just ridiculous. it. When we saw this was funny to me when the girls were shopping, it was sutton degree in Kyle and they said. We have a section of a selection for Sautin. Were you just dying seeing how Jealous Kyle and Derek were? They were green. It was delicious. I. Love Now. That I think in who they want to be..

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