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And you can't even understand that until you're like in the trenches of it. So if you're not so over the top passionate about it, like it will never work. And then I would say like being really open to feedback and and being receptive and making sure the people around, you know that you're receptive. I mean, the the thing I hate the most is like, yes, people like the last thing and I like probably every founder and leader feels this way like you don't ever want people around you just telling you what they think you want to hear. It's like nothing drives me more crazy. I want you to tell me the truth I want to know and I don't wanna be shielded from things either. I want to hear if something's going on one of our stores like I kind of like makes my team a little crazy when clients directly Email me something that happened 'cause they're like, why are they doing the founder of the company? I'm like, why. Wouldn't they Email the? I wanna know everything. I want to know the truth. I want to know things that are going on in my company, and, and so you know, if you surround yourself with people who are like going to give it to you straight, I think you're going to be so much more successful so that you really know it's going on. And I think a lot of people find themselves like, you know, in environment that's not like that, you know or them themselves are not, you know, open to feedback and you don't really want to hear the bad stuff like you gotta hear the bad stuff, you know, in order to to be great much. Yeah, thank you for having fun. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider. Don't forget to listen and subscribe to our other podcasts household name here. The surprising stories behind big brand names. This is success is produced by Animas rackets and Sarah Wyman. Dam. Bobkov is our executive producer and I'm rich felonious next week. We're going to revisit some of our favorite answers to the question at the heart of our series. How do you personally define success? Its impact hitting goals that I set for myself nattering to hear that more. Make sure you subscribe to our show and while you're at it, give us a rating and leave review letting us know what you think. This is success is a production of insider audio.

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