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Sports play Shackle round to the PGA championship is. Officially done they had to get around in this morning after rain, washed out play yesterday round three will start within the hour in Gary woodland will start at. The top he said a thirty six hole scoring record after shooting a second round sixty six yesterday he's at one thirty through. Two rounds the lowest total in tournament history woolens in hazard the lead at. Ted under here's a one shot lead over having Kisner Brooks KEPCO and Rickie Fowler at to back at eight under Ballard completed his second around within, the hour KEPCO heads into round three conscious about more than just the plain condition Lewis. Golf. Courses tough the greens are. Very undulating, you know there's. Different sections there's three or four sections, on evergreen so you got to put it in the right here in it's kind of a second job. Golf course, Dustin Johnson Charles Schwartz are three back at seven hundred Tiger Woods finished his second round. This morning he's at four under Jordan speed sitting at three under NFL, preseason football two more games going. On tonight the Broncos and the Vikings kickoff at. Nine pm eastern six Specific at the Minnesota, debut for new quarterback Kirk cousins and it does not sound like a guy looking to just. Get his reps and head out early in week one of the preseason road environment substitutions from the sideline game situations that are. Constantly changing not working off script anymore all of that is very different from. A practice setting and we need that work my cousin seems locked in ten eastern seven Pacific the chargers will take on the cardinals Jaguars evacuated defensive, and Dante Fowler from the active publis eagles quarterback Nick foles is limited in practice today. With. Head and neck spasms Redskins. Rookie running, back Darius guys. Done for the season after carrying his, ACL he's headed for surgery in baseball the Red Sox and Orioles are scheduled to play a day-night doubleheader. Starting at, one eastern ten Pacific Boston rally pass Baltimore last night nine thousand nine hundred twelve Red. Sox opened the date with nine game lead in the alleys despite the, Yankees being twenty nine games above. Five hundred day host the Rangers this afternoon New York slugger John Carlos Stanton is dealing with a. Hamstring issue he's the h. and. Again today Houston Astros lead in the AFC west is down to just four and a half games after they fell to the Mariners. Last night Seattle's currently. On the outside looking in for the second wildcard spot in the American League so each head to head battle with the division leader is crucial and Nelson Cruz, is is working Swinging the beginning Fifteen so it's. Gonna take time now they'll play. Later this afternoon and as the university of Maryland continues to review the circumstances surrounding the death. Of football, player Jordan McNair the school is, placed athletic trainers strength coach..

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