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Hello and welcome back to the Space News Pot the daily podcast about space science and tech. I'm your host will Walden on this episode mottaki about SPACEX now. You don't really really need to be a scientist or an engineer or have years and years and years of training in engineering field to get a job at spacex okay so spacex also has a lot of jobs interior to the company that help out other employees now one of these jobs what are these careers is a Barista. That's right a Barista. They want you to be able to whip up a mean. Cappuccino Chino in SPACEX headquarters also like to make a bunch of these are they want to make a bunch of mini restaurants little it'll cafes within SPACEX that can help the employees get through their day and if you're good at that kind of stuff you can apply spacex his website now here is the description of the Barista job so Brita space exploration technologies analogies is looking for experienced passionate driven team members to launch and grow world-class coffee bars inside our corporate facilities. We are searching thing for candidates who have superior experience working with Coffee Espresso and t the current positions are best suited for those with several years a Barista experience who who pose a WHO poses hands on knowledge of Espresso drink preparation coffee tasting in general coffee bar operations okay so I worked in a pretty big tech company back in the day a couple of years ago and I can tell you from firsthand experience agreeance that these many coffee bars and little restaurants and little cafes within the company are in Amazing Perk Doc for employees there also the workers in these spots got paid very well really really great benefits benefits and also it was just a great work environment so if you're a Barista or if you want to work in food service at SPACEX checkout third job listings and here's some of the responsibilities that you'd have as.

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