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We predated my space. Facebook facebook was columbia. MIT harvard only pretty much win. Podcasts started all these technologies where people or like. You've got to be doing even search engine optimization. SEO was not a key phrase that everyone in their sister was relying on back at the point so we were all going through and printing physical cards and little tiny buttons. I i remember my very first dragon. Uncon- the new hip thing to do was to get these little half inch buttons and walk around sticking them onto people in hopes that every little button what news stuck on someone with maybe turn into at least one download and we were investing our money our hearts our souls and our blood on the stupid buttons trying to get word out and it's so much easier nowadays where we do have all of these amazing platforms out forms and i wonder though if because it's so much easier you don't have to be as hungary to do it and this is where so many people are like oh. It's just another podcast had cast and you have to stick around a while before people would be like oh. They're actually gonna stick around awhile and start becoming one of your regular losers researchers and i think that is starting to slowly resonate and people are finally starting to change the message that just creating ten episodes and then publishing those and coming online is is not what you need to do. There has to be a a much longer strategy and everything. I heard you know usually cringe when i'm setting in sessions and i hear someone say something and you know just kind of like stabbed the heart to me because i'm kind of like oh. Please don't say that you know to these new podcasters but i don't think i cringed. Once during <hes> midlantic i was the the they had a great lineup of speakers now that there was some stand ups where they do like these eight-minute deals that i talked to <hes> joe pinto about that. I hope he tweaks a little bit an ongoing year but even dragon con <hes> where there was a lot of focus on people using twitch rich these other live streaming platforms which were up on right now as well <hes>. I think that people have to understand that there's only so many hours in a day people can view and then the rest of the folks are being half time to consume <hes> there's this there's this myth out there that <hes> live streaming as the end to be all right now between i'm just counted up between the five or six different locations were streaming out. We got about forty people watching livestream so you know that is is and we've but we've got about eight thousand people that are subscribed to the show so the yeah we love the interaction the tapping here but the eight thousand people you're listening probably could care less about the color color gradient of the studio screen and behind me and and this is where we have to remember that it's it's not a one-size-fits-all technological solution different kinds of content different ways of communicating each are best suited ed for something different what works best for twitch may not will not absolutely will not work best for youtube what works best for the podcast cast format won't work best for the video and as we're putting our shows together we take different shortcuts so that were optimized for one platform and good enough for everything else and the trick is getting the new people who are coming online not to fall prey to well the popularity in the media of one thing over another currently if you were to look who's talking about what twitches the next big up and coming thing but on twitch in less. You're one of the rare partners. You're doing a really good to have forty to sixty people watching your stream at once and your content because twitch is optimized to long form. It's the a place where you go to spend four hours playing video games six hours crocheting an octopus. Whatever the reason you're there. You're you're there to do something that takes a long period of time to complete and no one's gonna watch that on youtube where they get to see you talking to somebody..

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