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It ooh won't get it's not gonna get annoying until you truly feel like he can go over boy to where you're gonna go oh he's not truly trying to motivate me anymore he's getting personal at maine he really doesn't like me anymore that's when you're gonna start to say that's what really happens so he is going to constantly push buttons on players she's a master doing that especially if he's a guy like donald who had private relationships played with us down in tampa knows the guy he knows the makeup he made donald dewey is he let him he was undrafted player that got to be a franchise left tackle so he knows what makes them tick so he's in the push those buttons to stop pushing buttons it's like my old saying he when he stops pushing buttons is when he's truly stopped on you he's given up so you want him coming in and be like us about us yes you do when that was my advice derek carr like take it turco but people always voice dirk like so listen just take it learn football understand you're going to get custody even at times when you don't deserve it but know that the moment he stops cussing at you and saying crazy shit that's the means he's he's fucking abandoned ship he's given up on you and he doesn't think you're worth a damn anymore man that's when you know i mean to me i'd play in training camp one year he took me out on a full we're doing an eleven eleven scrimmage at the end of practice that i was i think this is my second year i was competing to maybe be the starter right with brad johnson i think that was in his brain and every rep was important i want to start i didn't care and i had a bad snap and eleven eleven practice i mean the ball didn't even dribbled on the ground and went through my legs but he didn't really see it and he was gonna blame it on me because i was the quarterback man i got so pissed him he took me out a practice and i was motherfucking him left and right like you you didn't even z and joey galloway.

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