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Stati di if it ain't going down at the bunny ranch it ain't going down at all stolen Hello and welcome back listeners as well as viewers my name is Alice little and I am illegal worker here at the world famous Moonlite Bunny ranch located in Carson City Nevada today I've got one of my favorite the people on the planet with me she is a fellow red had a troublemaker incredibly intellectual lady from the Sagebrush Ranch Delilah Ray you're here only got really excited I wanted to do this for so long it's finally happened it's happening it's happening happy dance happy dance yes so everyone can see or like not actually see you are wearing a hat would you tell us a little a bit about why we can't see yes so I am one of the ladies at the ranchers who chooses to not show my face I am I guard my own privacy is carefully guard yours and so for the viewers I was going for like a heading to the Derby theme let me Know you hit the nail on the head is so as an ex jockey who loves the Derby Yeah had had is on point I'll be honest like my goal is to go to the Kentucky Derby and like the most ostentatious huge had like people five rows behind me can't see anything but no there's so much stigma around being a sex worker and I've been a sex worker since I was nineteen I started Williams he my first two degrees I love it but unfortunately the world doesn't always choose to love us as much as we love them Oh gee mean sex stigma is apparently what two consenting adults do with their now ty- bits in a room by themselves or with there's is not okay it's not okay obviously not we should pray the rosary yes I mean like I clearly I need to go to church on Sunday okay well maybe you are just like masquerading as a church lady today with like a really feed shirts lady lasts a roll with it the my God yes so as such he choose not to show your face and that makes a lot of sense it really is a big waist and declarative statement to assign your name as well as your face to this industry it's one of the reasons to why many of US choose to use agent exactly and I mean it's it's such an interesting phenomenon because we love sex and we love to talk about sex workers but the minute you find out someone actually is or someone has actually seen a provider whole no we you can't do that why it's ridiculous because it's almost as if to say that that single trait or attribute or act suddenly defines who you are as a human being and we don't do that with any other professional and think of any other type of intimate relationship you have if you're married you are not solely defined by your spouse or more specifically you're not defined by what you and your husband under wife do in the bedroom together You are so much more than that and I do a lot of activism insects work in different areas I do environmental activism I do violence anti-violence Yes yes oh yeah we did yeah and unfortunately the reality of this world is if people find out that I also love an embrace sex work I lose credibility and that's weird that's I heard stop doing that yeah really as yeah it's really unfortunate it's unfortunate because it prevents you from being able to advocate on that next level for sex work issues because it's almost as if to say oh if they are for this then whatever other opinions and if they do in other areas is suddenly less than in less valued which if you think about it sex work especially when you talk about just advocacy for healthy relationships advocacy for healthy intimacy for healthy pleasurable sex sex worker it's too it it really does and it's just really ridiculous to think that society is still very limited in their viewpoint but it's nice to see that things are changing I'm sure as you've seen in politics I believe twenty twenty is really going to become the year of the sex worker in terms of conversations around decriminalization a lot of states have some really positive legislation moving forward and so you know check your state eight lots of good things happening in lots of activism that needs further support to because none of these other outside initiatives so far been successful and unfortunately that still leaves us as being the only state that has this beautiful thing it's one of the reasons you why so many do travel here from out of state to participate in the legal system that we have here and sex work is just it's beautiful like that sounds hippy dippy it sounds hokey it sounds Hunky Dory it's the best but it is there is something truly unique and beautiful about this Industry in I feel like those of us that participate within the spaces providers gained so much from our guest in terms of knowledge edge experience us it very much goes both ways it does I have learned so much about myself and the world I live in and it just everything by learning from my clients and I've been able to teach my clients so many things it's such a beautiful given tate and such experience that I envy people who don't get to have it get it it's almost like an not just an exchange of emotionality and intimacy most an energy exchange at a certain level because you are participating in this very unique place together in a way that we usually as humans don't get interact anymore let's be honest our society doesn't exactly encourage vote intimacy intimacy or communication or touch yeah think of how touch starved Americans are each pre like just think for a minute what is the last time you as a listener had a genuine just a hug just along thirty second genuine hug for women and it's a little more acceptable if you and I were to walk down the street you know when things oddly of it but male male todd show upper is so stigmatized off not gain new homeowner moment like yeah my dudes calmed down and hug your friends like us to me give give your friends hugs lots of hugs for your brain it is I mean if babies need held if children need held in touch so why do we think we suddenly grow that it it's adults it's ridiculous we've actually done studies I can't quote them I'm sorry I left my thickly Pedia of research out and said Oh it's fine I just like every other episode where I'm like well actually you're for today Oh no no go for it yeah no on they've done studies that show when you add intimate touch whether it's platonic like just two friends family like dad hugging son mom hugging dad sister hugging brother whatever or even romantic and sexual touch if you increase the length of time you hug it releases more chemicals and endorphins in your brain and can actually be so important for managing depression anxiety a huge thing with depression gene is we isolated and depressed I'm knocking out of bed and then you get into this never ending cycle of yes touch no touch not approach and even just adding hugs even just adding sitting close to someone on the couch and elaine watching us together like romantic cuddly my favorite thing in the world platonic cuddling also super awesome hug your friends yes hug your friends hug your family hug everybody I love the whole free hug movement I believe that it's such a positive message in positive energy to just put out there in the world and we need more in a world that has so many issues we need more love and a world that has so many barriers to getting that the it is radical to look at a world that says we can't touch and start to it increases empathy it's I someone keep track how many times I say hug your friends because hug your friends very easily and it's like just just do it I'm just here it actually put it into action take the time like get to work tomorrow bringing a box of doughnuts and give all your coworkers giant freaking hug why I don't know because to redheads on a podcast told me tale okay light it's fine that's a good reason for doing literally anything cute redheads told me to with three slightly yes yes side we're redheads so therefore we're right that's just how the world works sorry it's an DNA okay see another reason to come see red-headed sex workers were right and we'll tell you why we're right naughty here those who are listening in not watching but I'm also laughing and trying not to do like the giggling you'll laugh just weird dorkiest people on the planet really sex workers stereotypes also workers Rosie with her high heels and champagne embodying and limousines dude we also want to just hang out in a library with a bottle of wine and have a great conversation and share quotes back-and-forth leg I'll be honest I only pretend I'm cool like I'm not comic book collection in my room God I'll say I'm cool and then it all goes out the window real quick I'm not just pretend it's like oh no I they just play glamorous girl on the website it's okay we're real human beings we actually watch TV and net flakes we actually have real life conversations with each other we actually are very passionate people with feelings and thoughts emotions beyond a Haiti WanNa have I mean like let's be real hey you wanna have sex is a fun line is very much so you don't let's talk about that but you're talk I love it I thirty okay so I'm going to sound super nerdy so like stop if I get weird it's okay we talk a lot especially insects work about the importance of consent it's a really important thing that everyone knows what's going on at all times no one's surprise dirty talk is a great way to bring ongoing consent ooh into a sexual experience and it's also a way to see what's working for your partner like it's a great way to check in hey is this working I love it then people check in with each other during sex I don't care if it's me and U or as a whole orgy oh one of my favorite lines is tell me how you feel right now give Salonen opportunity to genuinely answer without being like you feel good right now don't you that's putting words in someone's mouth whereas when you ask it is that open ended question where there's not a yes or no and actually there has to put language to sensation you're able to relate to it so much more so sorry we're not mind readers entirely here I mean we are good at reading body language which again important skill you can learn from sex workers and it's oh it is so product and so fun and just thrilling to hear exactly what I'm doing into a partner exactly how I making them feel I can feel death chills up my mind right now on my toes her curling oh gasp of pleasures Yup Yup it is it is.

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