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Right and KCRW's cherry Glazer we've been sort of huddled in the news room talking about the president's visit and exactly where you can or can't go today so give us the rundown of of what's close right now well Steve we've had some closures in effect in downtown LA since early this morning the biggies are Figueroa between six and eight th Wilshire between flour and Beaudry and seven from flower to big soul basically you don't need to be in downtown LA this afternoon get the heck out of town all rights of downtown we've had those closures going on for hours now the west side the president flying in to LA acts and then to Santa Monica and then there I mean there are a lot of closures in in the west side as well right on the big thing seems to be he's he's transferring from LA acts to downtown and then back and then hitting the streets on the big area you want to avoid is basically sunset right around Benedict canyon this is where the fundraisers going ground zero tonight all right so Benedict canyon Sunset Boulevard to this is out in north of Beverly hills west Hollywood also probably good idea to steer clear of Bundy if you possibly can. okay and the closures will remain in effect I know there's something going on he's got a breakfast tomorrow in LA as well as the morning commute that's right on a lot of the west side of closures are for this evening that downtown closures were talking till sometime around mid day tomorrow so downtowns gonna beasts stalled for a while. W. sherry Glaser cool that's a lot what we had Obama Jim that we've got trump Jim yes with the with the president in town cherry thank you even a priest yet I am hoping that you will agree KCRW is a refuge for civil dialogue inspired stories traffic information for you music that moves you you're here because you like what we do help support it please and today we have this challenge from a generous KCRW supporter board member Silas Myers is matching your contribution dollar for dollar if we can raise twenty five grand by midnight tonight and you will also. be.

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