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Call him papa or father and then call her mother. Yeah yeah he yeah he was called. Yeah they call him father So there's you know there's the tactics of brainwashing for lack of a better term. It's not really brainwashing. Right is but it's a it's an indoctrination process of breaking down individual will for that process is well documented and well known and You know jones jones followed the script. Yeah in he did in quite a lot of ways around this time around sixty five or so when they started going all over the country with buses to recruit more people to And one thing. I found interesting because i had never known this until i started doing the research. They sold blessed pictures of jones fund. A lot of it five bucks a pop like virgin. Mary pitchers yup well. And if you didn't have the money to pay for that. But you still want to your own jones token he will give out blessed enemies. Leave it up to the socialist to funders cross country gallivanting with selling lame shit. While at least gus grissom actually. Took his pennies up into space. Definitely jonesboro Got him at the bank out. Yeah just lame ass pieces of copper and zinc touched by some crazy guy. Probably not even that yup. But he had with all those people you know he would give them their pennies and say come to the faith. He leans after you know right. Oh yeah you did faith healing do everything. He did all the tricks. Oh yeah. I think the best story about that. That i heard was the one woman with a broken leg who was healed blood happened. There was jones and his followers actually drugged her and then they put a cast on without her even knowing what and then just removed later. Yeah there's actually some footage of that i believe. Oh yeah i didn't see the footage of it. We do have some day that we're gonna play. Don't wait audio. we have some audio. We're gonna play for sure okay. Perfect yeah we'll get to that here as we get moving through all this.

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