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But i did work for a christian bookstore in college. The denominational bookstore of our of our college. And the guy who ran it was like this guy who had a background in music promotion in the alternative christians ian so his office was like there. Were all these you know glossy photos of bans from tooth and nail and other labels like signed and he had all this cushion music in the store so that i worked like back in the warehouse. But you better believe. I was snagging joy electric at a discounted price Left and right so yeah. It is definitely part of my experience but what was the bigger part was like at youth group. We've talked about this chart that gets handed out Of like if you like. Mx or if you like green day you'll like xp i like aren't quite right. the label. That put those out. But i was that that is how i really found out about christian rock so that was like a a christian bookstore initiative that made its way to my youth. Group made its way to me that like informed me so but Yeah the the bookstore experience was more more my thing in college so andrew may have more to say that that chart. I carried that around in my wallet. You just it's it s questionable to even say a few like whoever at diamanti put that together they're like just slap on whatever stream exist and and call it. mx px and slick shoes or whatever and you know it. It's looking at it now. Weird like this is. This is not even not even close. It's like if you like pearl. If you like pearl jam you'll love third day like what are you talking about. What reality and what universe. It's like these guys kind of wonder is very much like jeremy very much anyway. So the chris. My local christian bookstore was at rand her small mount prospect illinois and it was this bookstore called stone. That's where i worked. Nobody knows about lympstone. Okay i think we talked about this. You're on our show at the fox valley mall in aurora. I remember you saying that your experience there was sort of book ended by prayer jay bilas and purpose in life. Which yeah that's right that's right. Yeah so i remember going in there and you know it was so when you walked in the straight into the entrance to the far wall. That was where all the alternative stuff was. And and i remember they had like.

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