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Lcd lights and that works with this kind of collage of sound that comes from the videos one of videos is eileen grateful talking about how and another is the authentic singer bjork from a found youtube video talking about how a cathode ray cheap television work says she's describing in their own poetic fashion how how images a made on screens and how hypnotize him screens on how you should never let poet light he says everything he lovely may went within this video where she tries to describe in her own way how these things function as these sort of collapsing of ideas into this space which makes were kind of whole experience lending that's quite an important thing to talk about with hurrians work is the actual experience of being in the work waiver coding this inside one of his works which is a a sensory deprivation chamber and he's really wants to fool ground the physical and bodily ext variance that does to your consciousness and to your mental intepretation of something as well so sentimental gallery has this what should never been shown before in the uk which is cooled a nine eleven to eleven nine fear of the unknown and those that typographic kind of mirroring something that koreans used in his type thing is what before he likes this kind of symmetry that happens when something themes to encapsulate a time or period so he he this what really talks about the last fifteen years and nine eleven of she refers to the new york terror attack the twin towers and then eleven nine is almost exactly a year ago when trump was announced as the next american president in that period is explored through found video footage but it's not exploit in a linear fashion or descriptive fashion is more explode in terms of textures an energies in m.

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