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Twenty eight degrees in Saint Paul Minneapolis. Little fog little missed and Dennis are. Whether what do they call them? The weather watcher network guide Dan, lakeville says they're very cloudy twenty six degrees officially it. It's twenty eight degrees here in the twin cities northeast winds at eleven we promise you look at that forecast. Here. It is snow is likely before for this afternoon, then rain and snow for about an hour or so then all snow after five Heiner thirty five is going to be a breezy day today. Winds could be gusting as high as thirty miles an hour. What are they looking at as far as precipitation accumulation less than an inch? That's today over tonight. More snow might be a little rain again and overnight still breezy steady. Temperatures will hang around thirty four degrees. And again winds will stay around thirty miles an hour with gusts up to thirty about the snow accumulation overnight tonight one to three inches possible may affect your heading to church wherever tomorrow morning. Sunday, snow is likely mainly before noon. Thirty two will be the high yet another breezy day with gusts as high as thirty miles an hour. New snow accumulation less than an inch on Sunday about Monday, sunshine. I knew twenty-six looking ahead Tuesday, partly sunny, Twenty-three, sunshine, Wednesday twenty-five, partly sunny, Thursday near twenty one and mostly sunny Friday, highs, then near nineteen that's a look at the next few days, but again today tonight tomorrow and tomorrow night chances of snow, you stay tuned to see CO. We'll keep you. Well, informed of the ever changing whether condition then.

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