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A. M. Schenectady W. G. Y. F. M. Albany and I heart radio station five o'clock at newsradio eight ten one oh three one W. G. why I'm read shepherd shoot out in Jersey city leaves six dead your top stories in just a moment but first the WGY accu weather forecast the WG one accu weather forecast clouds giving way to some sunshine today brisk and cold with a high of thirty five brisk this evening with a couple of flurries otherwise colder partly to mostly cloudy lo nineteen sunshine but still cold high near thirty tomorrow increasing clouds Friday it not as cold in the afternoon high forty one with your accu weather forecast Stein meteorologist tethers there on news radio eight ten and one oh three one WG wine right now mostly cloudy thirty of news radio a ten one oh three one W. G. wine top stories six people are dead three of them bystanders after a hail of bullets fly between cops and suspects in Jersey city more from fox's girl Scott four hours police in door the assault New Jersey governor Phil Murphy said one officer Joseph seals died after being shot at a cemetery gave his life on the line of duty and the name of service to his community the three civilians were killed in a store along with two suspects police have been investigating what led to the confrontation governor Murphy called Jersey city a strong community and promised today we will think of those lost in the in their names we will think of how we can.

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