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What you make it job for careers begin here. And dean lane. Friday morning August 12th, I know I will do COP three 28. Probably good weather on the 8s over to rich under this morning and the double DLP traffic. All right, traveling into the district on three 95 north on as you pass the exit for west Potomac park in U.S. park police headquarters exit two and continue around toward the third street tunnel exit, eventually down to one single length left through the work sound, the exit that takes you toward the 12 street expressway is open, again, just be careful as you had a north on three 95. For now, volume is light so delays as of late have been brief. No worries on the westbound side of the freeway or south on three 95 headed toward Virginia, nothing in your way. I two 95 northeast of two 95 south removing well. No early concerns along suitland park where south capital street, New York avenue from northeast to northwest, running mullin boats directions, ongoing police investigation from an incident that occurred last night in northbound, Connecticut avenue remains closed between our street and Florida avenue as a result of this investigation Florida avenue is also closed between Connecticut and 20th street. There may be some additional closures there as well. The good news is that southbound Connecticut avenue is open has been for a while. So no worries there. Ongoing crash clean up and investigation continues to close the north and lanes of one 97 in buoy before you get up to route 50 John Hanson highway. They reopen the SAP outside a little while ago, only had a close temporarily to move some stuff around. Keep in mind if you're eastbound on 50, you can not take the exit to one 97 at all frame closed as part of the cleanup. Rich hunter WTO traffic. After some showers that came through earlier, we are going to see plenty of sunshine throughout your day, breezes out of the north and northwest will bring us air

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