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Sporting time people celts drama creek it's drought at ubundu as irama we're getting rumble with the with the movement of players in the national football league lo how can we are seeing more trades than it seemed like we ever have yeah yeah that's a it's a great question and it is interesting because it makes the nfl i mean it's interesting to see not only but it's also interesting because it derives drama with the nfl and and i think the reality is that the salary cap moving up has created this situation where let's take robert quinn as as an example in you know five years ago the rams likely would have cut robert quinn because they wouldn't have had the salary cap room yes keep him on board yeah because the salary cap has gone up and because when you look at free agency and you look at the dearth of of like highquality free agents but the reality sets in that it it you know the rams are better off keeping your guy like quinn on the right of its trade them obviously but they would have been better keeping him on the roster cutting him and just dealing with his eleven or twelve million dollars cap yet and so what you do from there as you say okay we're not gonna cut this guy let's see if we can recoup some assets for and you you go out there and it's easy to find somebody in the trademark is who is willing to give up give up amid round pick to take all the uh high upside clear who is a veteran who could come in to be established lots of rookie you have to take a gamble on and that's why you're seeing to keep lead being treated instead of being cut i mean he he was clearly going to be cut but a team can go out there and pay salary the rand's can take a gamble on them they with marcus peters there's this more wiggle room in terms of salary cap space and.

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