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So check them out at common bond dot CO slash barstool. Okay. Let's get to some segments. Thanks again to big Papi. David Ortiz is basically a member of the show. Yes, he is. He's he's become a good friend of ours. So first up, we need to embrace the bait. We alluded through to the beginning of the show, the colts had a very curious strategy in overtime to set the scene. It was tied office overtime, they, it was forty, five seconds left. The Texans had zero timeouts colts were on their own forty four and four. They went for it. They didn't get it. The Texans turned around got one first down and kicked a field goal on the game. And afterwards, Frank Reich said, I don't play for fucking ties. I play to win the game. I don't know if that's Zach, quote, put, let's say it is. Do you think that that is smart or he's just being a. Kind of like a football Harto. I will. The answer is no, it's not smart, but in a way it's very smart because it's pure football. It's like, you know, the riddle of Solomon. Are you familiar with this? So they're saying, well, you could we, we're going to take this win and we're gonna cut it in half and give half of it to each team and then Frank Rex lake. No, fuck that. I would rather him have the win and have the wind go to somebody than see it destroyed. So really? Yes, it is a very, very football guy thing to do. I actually, I mean, it's so dumb because he did just hand the game over and I think I would understand more there was like, I don't know in the moment, this is so stupid. You're handing the game over and that's exactly all played out. But I do kind of understand the thought process of, I don't really want to tie in our record because then it screws up the math and I'm not a big math guy. So let's just keep it clean here like a Witter to lose. We tied. It's gonna take me like twenty minutes to explain to jimmer say what a tie right then I'm have to remind him every. Eweek that we have that one thing in the Tyco and don't forget about that Jim. He's trying to add up. Okay. So we have eight wins eight losses Jim after week, seventeen or so it would be like, well, we got one last game coming up, right? No, we're not. We're we're six and nine, but there's one at the end. So I also have a little stay woke here. I that line if you watched it, it bounced around so many times from as much as Texans mind this one and a half to Texas plus one and a half. I feel like that was someone someone got a huge, middle and bet both sides, although now that I'm saying it doesn't even work because Taiwan of one that so what I just said makes no strike. It's on the record off the record book. You can keep it in Hank. But what I just said, that's my back is back Yata me. That is your backlog. We'll talk with big cat. Well, one thing that we do know is that the rivalries back on that was like the moment member. When I remember when I when I was getting a little too high a couple years ago, and I thought Saint Mary's was shaving points. Yeah. And I stayed up until like two in the morning, trying to uncover big banks. You're kind of what happened with the closest thing I was sitting here like, oh, fuck someone's really getting someone's double dip in here. You were watching like high school basketball film of Australian guess and comparing their selection. Listen. Yeah. Well, the only reason they stop us. They knew I was onto well, listen, you know what? It's like that movie conspiracy through with Mel Gibson, he had a million of them and he was right about one of them. Right. So you got it? Yeah, you gotta keep casting your nets out there lists you're not going to get anybody. But yeah, the the colts on a short week this week they got to be just like you have to lose faith in your coach after decision that, right? Yes. I think that he tried to take the football Harto stance afterwards, but in real time he was just being complete more on. That's not..

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