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Susan twenty two consumer and privacy groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Google apps that they allege are inappropriate for young children story from KCBS is Mike Cogan. There have been targeted because of inappropriate in-app purchases that can pop up while a child is playing the games. Then Brody covers tech policy for Bloomberg news an ad comes up for a game that's drinking themed, but it's an eight year old playing the game. Now, of course, these aren't the ads that come up every time. But it's the problem is that they could come up. So you might have another one in ad comes up for a game. That's gambling themed Josh goal with a campaign for a commercial free childhood one of the groups involved with their complaint said parents shouldn't let children six and under play video games. But if they feel like, you know, it's important for their child to play out, then they should most definitely download the app and play. It's the first themselves keeping a close eye on what kind of the advertising is going on in the Colgan KCBS, a San Francisco police officer who could lose his. Job for sending racists tax has now been charged with robbing a Bank in the sunset district. Federal prosecutors say rain Doherty was arrested earlier this week to court documents claim he entered the east West Bank at Irving twenty-third on November twenty nine and handed. The teller a note demanding money saying something like calm down. Just do. It nearly nine thousand dollars was handed over Dockery who's an on unpaid suspension could end up facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted he's among nine current and former officers who sued to keep the police commission from disciplining them for sharing racist, sexist and homophobic, texts back in twenty eleven and twenty twelve KCBS news time five thirteen. Hey, I'm Andrew Krasny. From the BNP Harry about open every spring. The Indian Wells tennis garden just outside of Palm Springs hosts, one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis world-class,.

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