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Nearly 70 nations that skip the games. Beardsley kept swimming but failed to qualify for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, which the Soviets boycotted. He says some of the 1980 boycotters are still incredibly mad. But he made peace with it. You know, I didn't have to risk my life. I didn't have to make a sacrifice greater than just not goingto event, Beardsley says. However, the hardest thing about being on the 1980 team is in his words. We don't know who we are. That lost identity was a topic of Zoom Town Hall in April. Former medal winning rower and longtime International Olympic Committee member and needed to France remembers being in a gathering where they were honoring past Olympics and there was nothing to show for summer 1980. We are the team with no result they don't know our names. They don't care about us. Nobody knows what sports were in our early days do not exist to France and other team members find it particularly galling. The boycott, in their words didn't save a single life the Soviet state in Afghanistan until 1989 But Rita Buck Crockett atop volleyball player on the 1980 team says with the Corona virus, today's Olympians have a much different opportunity as they deal with forces beyond their control. You are saving lives by not going to the Olympics this year. As hard as it is, you have only one year hopefully and you're going to save a 1,000,000 lives if the Tokyo Olympics begin next July. Those who delayed and then competed will be part of one of the most memorable games in history. In a recent letter to the athletes of the 1980 team, the current CEO of the U. S, Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Sara Hirsh Lind Wrote. We can clearly state you deserved better, and she announced they will be part of the new U. S. Olympic Museum opening next week in Colorado Springs. The team with no result will at least Have a permanent tribute. Tom Goldman NPR news The Corona virus pandemic continues to devastate airline's business model. The nation's four biggest airlines now report combined second quarter losses of more than $10 billion. And as NPR's David Shaper reports, any recovery seems a long way off. There's no sugarcoating it when you're losing billions. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly compare is battling the virus to fighting a prolonged war. We knew this would be a long song to flog. With a lot of unexpected twists and turns. And it's proving to be so airlines flew 85 to 90% fewer passengers this April, May and June, then they did the second quarter last year. A brief uptick in June and early July fizzled as New Cove in 19 cases spite again Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, it's really almost impossible plan right now. Southwest says It doesn't intend on cutting any jobs before the end of the year, but American and United which both reported net losses of more than $2 billion of the second quarter. Have notified tens of thousands of employees that they may lose their jobs with federal payroll aid runs out September 30th. Here's American CEO Doug Parker. We know will be a tomorrow. We worked right side all aspects of the organization of that round to try to prevent mass layoffs. Airline employee unions are calling on Congress to extend payroll support while in normal times, Airlines would be trying to outdo one another with low fares or better service. There now competing on sanitation. United CEO Scott Kirby claims the filtration systems and airflow patterns make the air quality on a plane better than that in office buildings or even hospitals. And you combine that with our mask quality and are cleaning protocols. And it really is one of the safest places you convey. If you're going to leave your house United will now require passengers to wear masks not only on the plane but at the gate, check it and at baggage claim to Other airlines air following suit, but only Southwest and Delta say they will continue to block out middle seats to provide more social distancing on flights Years. Delta CEO at Baskin when we survey customers about reasons your purchasing a ticket on Delta The space on board the plane. The block middle seats has gone to the number one reason. But no matter how much space there is on board, no airline executive expects demand to really pick up again until there is a Corona virus Vaccine. David Shaper NPR news I think this is NPR news. Congresswoman Karen Bass is coming up on political breakdown after a look at traffic.

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