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President elect Joe Biden held another news conference today to introduce another. Nominee for his Cabinet. Pete Booty Judge nominated to be Transportation secretary hears the president elect from earlier today. Well, good afternoon by three minutes. Good to see you all over the past few weeks, Vice President Harrison I've been announcing Nominees to our cabinet. There people of the highest character, very experiences and backgrounds. Gonna help us beat this pandemic, Keep us safe and secure and build our economy back better than ever. Wasps. They include longtime colleagues and new faces, and new voices include people who share my views. And those who have different views include people who supported my campaign from its earliest days and people ran against me. They're experts in policy leaders tested by crises and by the end of this process, this cabin will be the most representative. Any Cabinet in American history. We'll have more people of color than any Cabinet ever. More women than any Cabinet ever. Well, it a Cabinet of barrier breakers Cabinet of First I know how proud presidents are when they're able to achieve a first in their Cabinet. Remember when President Clinton named the first ever woman be secretary state? I was there, and President Obama named the first ever black attorney general. But compared to buy predecessors, Harris Biden Cabinet is first among Cabinets of all the first represents the first ever woman First Black woman, the first woman of South Asian descent as vice president behind me on the screen, the first ever black secretary defense, the first ever Latino head of the DHS, the first ever Latino head of HHS. The first women the first woman I should say of South Asian American descent to lead Oh and be the first woman and Asian American to lead United States trade represent as our lead United States Trade representative the first black woman to chair the President's Council on Economic Advisers, the first ever woman toe hold Alexander Hamilton's position as Treasury secretary. Cabinet doesn't just have one first or just two of these first, but eight president busting appointments and today and nine, the first ever openly gay nominee to lead the Cabinet department and one of the youngest Cabinet members ever. Biden Harris Cabinet will be a historic Cabinet cabinet looks like America, a Cabinet that taps into the best of America, a cabinet that is opening doors and breaking down barriers and accessing the full range of talent. We have so much of it the full range of talent in this nation, a Cabinet that upset is up to the immediate crises we face and we face several In the long term challenges nation faces of the future are in this Cabinet Sands. It's a cabinet that's battle tested, qualified, experienced, creative, innovative and forward looking and, yes, Representative And today I'm proud to nominate its newest member for secretary of transportation. Nominate Merapi footages. I got to know Pete on the campaign trail. He's one of the smartest people ever meet in one of the most humble and they're from the Heartland management expert of policy want for the Big heart. A veteran lieutenant United States, Navy Reserve and Intelligence offered deployed to Afghanistan while he was mayor. New voice with new ideas determine to move past old politics. The son of professors husband is his husband's uneducated, always always a mark of good character is way I look at, by the way, Gillian. I've always enjoyed seeing Pete Kristen Cheston, I should say together on the trail, Chastity has become a close friend of Jill's and mine and what I admire about Pete. He's always clear about who he is what he believes. How he wants to bring people in, not exclude them. He's able to walk in any room leave people inspired with his ability to describe in America. That's best for us. All of us in America. It's hopeful mold, creative, inclusive. America that can do literally anything. The Department of Transportation Services a critical mission with a critical responsibilities, particularly this administration, We need someone who knows how to work with state, local and federal agencies. For example, right now, one in five miles of our highways is still in quote, poor condition, according to the Society of American Engineers, tens and tens of thousands of bridges Aren't disrepair, some on the verge of collapse presented a clear and present danger to people's lives where the world's richest nation, but we write 10th. We ranked 10th and overall quality or infrastructure, according to the World Economic Forum, But there's so much we can do. I think a climate change. I think about jobs, good paying union jobs jobs to put Americans to work, making their air cleaner for our kids to breathe. Restoring our crumbling roads, bridges and ports, making it faster, cheaper and cleaner to transport American made goods across the country and around the world. I know that when you're America, Pete when people would come in to try to decide where they're gonna build something. You're right. They say, Where's the nearest railroad? What about the water access? What about so on? This is going to attract businesses jobs that way. The lines for the second Great Railroad revolution, which is not only will slash pollution will slash commute times open up investments in areas connected to metropolitan.

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