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That she was lying about everything what you end up with is reuben foster is the victim here correct and that's that's not what you want around this 'cause that's not what you want i mean men men are very powerful they do bad things with that power do they do abusive things with that power women stay afraid of men who do abusive things with that power and then don't come forth and in this case you've got the football player being the victim if what she says now is true about lying before and many of you are getting very mad at me here on text okay i give up you're right you're right i'm wrong everybody wants a team in the finals that has al horford as its best player most famous player is most famous player i don't think that everyone's saying that you're wrong i think i've had to rethink it a little bit because i just thought yeah lebron james i wanna see lebron go against curry and kevin durant i wanna see the bronco against james harden but i've had the rethink it i have because the celtic team it's actually been kind of fun and it'd be nice to see if this little underdog with no stars go ahead and maybe you know take a game or two golden state make it interesting that's it okay i mean it is weird though is lebron if lebron james isn't the most famous athlete in america i mean how many times did you see a guy lose the nba finals i'd like to see someone else lose time now for guarumos epochs out of the day.

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