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Cowboy Stadium, T, Ohio discussed on GSMC Football Podcast


In a b cs first saturday night football game is trying to get nfl sunday night football saturday football i don't know we've had seven o'clock games on saturday nights all the time and maybe it was so west is limited to west coast games but it looks like their releases schedule obviously we have some different there's different venues for these obviously espn has announced their schedule for the first first three weeks of the of the saturday night games the first one will be alabama and louisville came will be in orlando at camping world stadium i'm assuming on september first and then the next day they'll be a game miami it'll be at arlington eighteenth miami and lsu and then week too of these football slate will be penn state and ohio state will play action penn state and pitt so panthers against penn state in the second game and then the next week and three will be a house state and tcu and that game is in arlington i knew game was in arlington i was talking about i was looking at their schedule before columbus like arlington to at dallas cowboys stadium so versus fort worth which is where tcu is so i'm assuming they know the difference between that so versus it being at t's use stadium or at cow coming cowboy stadium is pretty much a matter of miles not that many miles right so going back to those position battles obviously in this in this second segment we're going to go teams one through eight.

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