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Monday north of Spokane claimed the life of the one year old grandmother, but baby joy survived. Her carseat. However, it was a jetted from the vehicle the baby's mother. Catherine Howell told our partner station kicks ally. That her daughter ended up on the highway in the middle of the two mangled cars a man who stopped to help saw something moving in the debris and found baby joy, still buckled into that car seat. And despite a few scrapes, she's fine. How does she not been found then could shoot frozen to death? Could she have gone hit by car? You know, what would have happened to her? The crash blamed on slick roads with compact snow and ice covering highway three ninety five north of Spokane or less than a month away from the big viaduct shut down. And the state DOT has announced a busy on ramp will be closed sooner than originally planned. Here's komo's their ends on the big shutdown doesn't happen until. January eleventh but starting today crews will reduce the length of the bound ninety nine bus lane and Soto by about fourteen hundred feet this'll give crews space to fix a dip in the road. That work would have otherwise had to be done during the big three week closure. Getting it done sooner could help avoid delays later. Also today crews will shorten the southbound right turn lane to Harrison street and make the lanes narrower near the north end of the tunnel. This'll make it safer for crews to get more work done ahead of that three week closure and another change the Atlantic street off ramp. Southbound ninety nine was always scheduled to close a week early. But now the northbound Royal Brome on ramp will also close a week earlier than the main line that means both ramps near the stadiums will be closing Friday evening on January fourth. Komo news time one thirty four AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours. It'll be especially necessary when the viaduct closes down. But until then what are we dealing with today? Marina, well, it's a day. We just have some minor slowdowns. Southbound I five through the district from. Lake City way towards downtown Seattle. Southbound four zero five some starting to struggle a little bit more from northeast eight th down through coal creek Parkway and starting to see a bit of bunching up northbound four zero five right around Talbot up to Sunset Boulevard the Tacoma area. We are seeing slowdowns southbound I five headed towards Tacoma. So actually it's in the fife curve that you'll start to kind of head under the speed limit. This look at traffic is brought to you by the concessionaires at sea TAC airport on your way to the gate. Grab a bite to go at LA PISA. Cafe in concourse A, pizzas, salads, soups, Panini, sandwiches, snacks and more. Dine at seatac. For more info visit seatacshops dot com next. Komo traffic at one forty four.

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