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They. This is on the ledge podcast. And I am your host Jane Perron, I like to think of myself with the Sarah caney of house plants, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of information about why your cactus died. A few weeks back traveled to south London and the home of rock stack of its who lives in a Victorian terraced home stuff to the Donald with gorgeous house plants. He gives me a tour and explains why companion planting really works for house plants. I've also been thinking and planning for the solo and decided to break up some of the information into bite size advice and drop it into a series of episodes to help you get your ducks in a row ready for sewing over the next few weeks. So in next week's episode. I'm going to be looking at where to buy your seed. I've got lots of suggestions. But if you do have any good sources than do, let me know in the coming weeks. So I can add that in thanks to Rebecca and Cody for becoming ledge ends this week and to Beth and Jennifer who've become crazy plunk people. They're all helping me reach my target of one hundred patrons in time for my hundred episode. That's just seven more to go. Oh, and once I reached that target hopefully, well before my hundreds show all of my patrons will be getting an exclusive digital art word. If you want more details of how to become a patron just visit Jane Perron dot com where you're find my show notes. Enough housekeeping..

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