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And so he's a vessel for this. And so people that want to to make a statement against police brutality, say capper, Nick, staying up force, and then people that say he's disrespecting the anthem, disrespecting our troops can say that because capper Nick never looked into a camera. No, that's not what I'm doing. I'm doing this. Yeah, and so it is the whole thing is problematic and it makes it a little bit. And so like there's so much so much in the middle. Yes. Vit- it makes it like he doesn't define where he stands, and so it makes it harder for everybody. It really does like I'm sitting here trying to get this. I mean, I'm not even trying to get his back. I'm just trying to get the back of his right to do whatever it is that he's doing in. It's really fucking hard to explain. Why? Because he's done such a shitty job of explaining himself. Yes, that's that's sort of the gist of my debt on everything cap. If you ask me anything about cap, Nick, that's my first places. I don't really know what this guy stands for and and I'm sure that if I follow them on Twitter or I investigated and allegedly, he's got his girlfriend. Is there. You know involved in these social issues? I to me just sore seems a lot of ways like an empty vessel. Maybe that's important, and he's obviously, you can't say the guy hasn't sacrificing because clearly he is a backup quarterback in the NFL's making five million dollars a year starts making like twenty or thirty. And so people are going to say Nike's giving him millions of dollars. Yeah, they might be tossing a million or two million dollars, but that's because Nike thinks he can sell shoes, Nike, Sears marketing ploy. If if I'm Nike shareholder which I'm not, I don't know if this is a this is a wise decision, not. I don't think Nike. I, it's a risk, I think is a crazy I can't do. I'm still shocked. They did it. I'll say that like that's a bowl, this move. It's really out there. So I mean, but here's that perspective, but, but at the same time, like I think it takes more guts to be the Nike executive who puts call and cavernous face on this this campaign that does Colin Kaepernick who. Right now doesn't have a job. So of course take the Nike money and and be a hero. Yeah. So I, you know what? I I'm probably I'm probably making people on both sides angry at me. That's fine. We all need to being. Here's where we are due. Lemme cap it off with this. Here's here's where I think Nike. Here's what I think they might have had in mind and they might have hit a home run as a result. What I've noticed over the past. I don't know fifteen hours since this all came out every single mother fucking one of the A-List, professional athletes across every sport that I follow. And I'm talking MBA NFL I'm talking fuck and Venus, and Serena Williams. I'm talking every single major A-List, black athlete that I follow and some white guys to have put up that fucking picture guys represented by other brands guys that catch zero dollars from Nike have put up that picture saying, they respect what Nike is doing and they respect cap. That's what they doesn't. Listen. This is clear. This is an exposure play. Yeah. Let like think about it. This isn't Nike endorsing everything that Colin Kaepernick stand. This is this is Nike looking much exposure for Nike as they can't want to say. This is clearly a success in. They're not selling the. Air Capri Knicks. No, they're nine cylinder Proctor using his base to get the Nike name out there, and it's working now is turning some percents. Oh, yeah. Hell, yeah. But who cares. I mean, I think that's probably the argument they'd make that we're, we're bold. We're crazy. We're making making having to work against a Dita's which has done a what a Dita's did would Nike fired Konya west or no longer decided to do business with them. Adidas went all in on like urban culture, hip hop, signing rappers, black athletes, Konya, west, all these other rapid. Like they were like, fuck it..

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