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But so Aaron is leading right now. I've venue, have four of you who are in second, six strokes back gave with Dustin Johnson Mike with Jordan speak. Larry with Phil and Grady with Jason day, all at minus one, you are in second. Just because I want to update Brett because he went on limb and said, you know what I'm taking John Daly. Brett, your guy is plus five in a little bit of danger as far as wheels. And I are concerned wheels has DJ, who's minus one shuffling and rom who are even in Molinari whose plus two so he is. Plus one I have fee now who's even tiger who's, plus two Rory who's plus two. So I'm for over until you add in perks. Kepco who's minus seven. So wheels is one over. I m for under three under excuse me going into Friday. Although there are some guys still left out on the course. So that's the update there. Not a lot of low scores other than Brooks KEPCO and. Man tiger took himself, right out of this thing out of the gate in any. Like I am becoming more and more of a fan of Brooks KEPCO as I go on go along. I just think that I'm just off what he can do. But I am more. I'm more disappointed that tiger is plus two then excited that Brooks's minus seven because I, I don't know that I need tiger to win. I just wanted him to be in the conversation just like at the masters. I just wanted tiger in the conversation and he was, and he did a little bit more than just insert himself into the discussion, and it seems like unless he has a big bounceback on Friday that he's probably not going to factor into the proceedings. Although, like I said. Not allow low numbers being posted, but not a good start for tiger. Congratulations to Rick. He is one the wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. And just so all the rest of you know, who may not have one do not fret.

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