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With every two you buy and pay nothing for two years, save thousands at 8 6 6 9 nation or window nation dot com. I'm giacomo you tip your traffic. Two WTO P meteorologist Lauren ricketts. Temperatures only in the 50s today and yes, we still have the win this morning, but it will gradually come down. By lunchtime, the wind is going to be about 5 to ten miles an hour. And then it will continue to decrease from there. Temperatures have decreased as well, high temps today in the 50s as if a plenty of sunshine. That you frost possible overnight with temperatures in the 30s to around 40. And then partly sunny tomorrow, temperatures. Right around 70°. Little breezy tomorrow. Tuesday mostly sunny up for 70s and then around 80 on Wednesday with a small chance of rain. A meteorologist Lauren ricketts WTO P news. It's 46 and upper Marlboro, 46 in Centreville and 48 in Washington, D.C.. It's ten 31. This is WTO P news. Everything you need every time you listen. The WTO producer's desk is wired by IBW local 26. Where electrical contractors come to grow. Good morning, I'm Luke Luger, Matt's ball is our producer, the top stories we're following for you today. Saturday's heavy rains and winds cause power outages for thousands of customers in the DMV area. First in Virginia over 7000 are without power and fairfax county this morning and over 300 in Alexandria and 1100 in Arlington county are also in the dark over 300 are still affected in prince George's county. Brendan Rubin oster is a lead forecast at the national weather service. The next few days look nice. We actually have a warming trend in suing Monday and Tuesday. So for those visiting the area, it should be a good time for cherry blossoms to depend on how much survived yesterday. Utility companies tell WTO crews are working to restore power to all customers. At least 26 people are dead across 6 states after severe weather pummeled the south in Little Rock Arkansas, officials say more than 2600 buildings were damaged by a tornado, Cody combs was in his pest control van. Normally you'd be able to see three houses just the backside of them and then maybe a couple of roofs of some of the other ones. I could see for almost a clear mile of the strike debris flattened houses just foundation mostly in a couple walls on all of the houses. Severe storms also collapse a roof of a packed concert venue in Illinois.

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