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Well i guess he's looking at this like you're doing a real estate deal in the whole thing is you always tried to crush the other guy that's not the way you do business overseas uh i wanna bring clyde prestowitz founder president the economic strategy institute former councillor top trade visored to the commerce department back in the reagan administration been following this for a long long time that prestowitz thanks so much for being with us we know it's late there for all of you thank you for joining us today good to be with you thought so if we were going to overhaul us relations with china around trade and economy what would that look like clyde to get things on uh on a sustainable and promising kiel for the us within a relationship we have to have it they're they're a gigantic trading partner but what would have better way look like yeah that's the big question um i find myself largely in agreement with your two previous guess um look i think this three or one uh investigation th that was mentions the nuclear legal that is clyde can explain to 300 one is yeah 300 want is a section of the us trade law that's called unfair trade so under 300 on the the us government doesn't investigation other finds that some countries acting unfairly in the old days before the advent of the wto the us could unilaterally slap on the uh a a terror for uh a and import quota or something to punish the offending country theoretically we have agreed or i shouldn't say theoretical we have agreed as part of the wto um that any such action will now be taken through the wto so it's a little bit unclear how that's gonna work out but the key point is that there will be a.

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