Joe Lonsdale, Venture Capitalist, Venture Capital Firm discussed on The IVY Podcast - #57: How to Fix The World Through Entrepreneurship, featuring the founder of 8VC, Joe Lonsdale


Joe lonsdale is one of the most successful venture capitalist in silicon valley not to mention a veteran tech entrepreneur investor and philanthropist in early 2016 he launched eight vc a san sanfranciscobased venture capital firm that aims to fix core processes for some of the world's largest industries previously joe was a founding partner of formation eight which manages over two billion dollars across mold we'll funds prior to formation eight he cofounded pailin tiered a multi billion dollar global software company best known for its work in defense and finance lonsdale serves on the words of several highly successful companies including atta par open gove insurance unicorn oscar health illu me oh radius hyper loop one and wish which has evaluation reportedly well above three billion dollars as of additional funding and light 2016 in addition to his work in entrepreneurship and venture capital joe is also the chairman of california comments sets a nonprofit dedicated to opening government to the public and educating citizens about how government works if you look at productivity that's really the way to measure how fast replacing jobs and sowed during some eight as i think it was about so apply cracked me here i think it was about between five and seven percent a year that was going up an because we are becoming more more proactive without much each year and that's why the jobs are going latte he look at it right now productivity is gone up one or two percent here for quite a while is actually conned depressing and it's because a lot of labour's gotten trapped in these areas where innovation is not allowed and a lot of parts of health care law parts of education silicon valley can't impact them because they're not to remember forces are different bother things in this conversation with ivs cofounder berry merrick joe explained how entrepreneurship can help fix large industries and solve complex problems in an impactful way please enjoy our conversation with joe lonsdale.

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