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But then, yeah, then there's like the, oh, no one time. You know, somebody thought it was Britney Spears and they've really, really disappointed. That's exciting girl from scary movie. That's exciting. That's a good good will was good because she's hot, but I think he was also like he probably didn't have the best eyesight. Oh, I'm so used to the look of devastation when people realize I'm not who they thought I was initially, and then oddly enough flying out here from New York. I'm on the plane sitting there on the plane, getting ready to take off. An a man looks at me, and I just like I like glance up. He looks at me and he's like walking past me. I guess his seat. Behind me and calls somebody to goes, I thought he said, dad, but it's not dead because woman came back and he goes, look, who's here? I look up 'cause I want dad the woman to see me and she looks at me like baffled and I go, Hello? And he goes, oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were somebody else. Am I go. He goes, do you know who you look like? And I go who? And he goes, you like Kelly Ripa. Is anybody ever told you that and they go, I get that all the time because I didn't know. Like I know even know how to respond. I know. 'cause he was like, I know who you are and he's like, oh, never mind. As soon as I looked at him like I looked at him and he was like, and then it was like this look of horror, I somehow let him down. Then I was then I was to embarrass to say, no, it is me because he was like, no, it's not clearly go back to your seat. Sometimes I can't like you're cuter in person. Yeah. And you're like just be our? Yeah, that'll do secretly. Right. Oh, let's from. Or like. So much taller. You seem taller, but. Oh. What do you even? I thought you were Tyler to just wanna say they wanna talk to you. You are unfortunately for you. Shorter and personnel year relatable, and everybody loves you, which I'm told is in amazing thing, turns out you are an impasse as well with both and passive. Empathize there. We, we suffer from that. So yeah, no, no, no. It's amazing to feel recognized and get a nice table restaurant sometimes or to get a free dessert on occasion, then don't you feel pressure to eat it, even though you don't want it, you're trying to be so good. You're like, dude, I just had a salad and thank you. This is so generous. Thank you guide. You brought three desserts. Thank you, but I just. Alad trying to be so, but there's another element by the way I've been doing this whole time. Now I just talking stopped talking. Did you see how silent I got? I just wanted you to know that's why fell silent. No, but I think that like there's the the part of, I think what we to is is is a form of hiding in a very exposed arena. Yeah, and that's why I love. I get so thrilled when somebody comes up to talks to me about the podcast. Yeah, because it feels like that this is dismay avenue were my may dear, like amazing listeners sort of under. I get to tell my sort of my ver- you know, without, but do you know how good you are that the fact that there's like in a world in a world of a thousand trillion podcasts, yours is a standout Gino. How important that is in q. connection you have to your listeners is very deep. Oh, I really like is like anytime somebody brings it up. It I, I get emotional about it and became it's nice creating something. Yeah. And it's also like the whole, I though idea was like, how do we connect? How do we connect with people? How do people can actually other? And so anyway. Yeah, it's in in. It's it's amazing to talk to people like an without sort of like, yeah, under the sort of the umbrella of being on a super popular TV show come called mom. It really is. Nights CVS nine. We, you know how, you know you're on a real hit sitcom when you're on a Thursday night. Yes, that's always been the traditional cheers. I once had.

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