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Saw it again after the funeral. My father struggle through hoffa page and it might as well have been haunting top. Don't they get if it outlawed. Fifty pounds father fifty pounds. He was dumbfounded and looked at me with shrewd is over swindler. Fifty pounds never day's work. I think to this day. He looks upon me as sort of cleverest swindler who gets money for nothing is sort of ernest hooley. My sister says to my utter amazement. You were lucky somehow. It is the actual corpus and substance. The actual paper in rag volume of any of my works that calls up these personal feelings and memories. It is the miserable thome itself which somehow to me the volga mercies of the world. The voice inside me is mind forever but the sleep marketable chunk of published volume is a bone which every dog presumes to pick christmas. Obviously the rubbish children's absolute rubbish. That obviously that's great. Isn't it so well. I've got two things to say. Mo first thing is a who isn't looking forward to yet another adaptation of lady. Chatterley's lover coming on netflix amazing news. But also i'm going to be talking about on the next episode about listed. I'm going to be talking about. Rachel kasichs new novel which is inspired by An engagement with A memoir of d h lawrence and casks noble is kind of exploration of wolves. The lawrence like creative figure maine's in the culture one hundred years later And that's very interesting in terms of the book we're going to talking about. It is with castillo say so. That's why i'm holding that back for for the next episode about this so we will return yet again to d h lawrence. Can't get rid of him should we. Should we finish out. I've got one more thing to right and even on a new reading binge amazing these new books. Well it's because we have the break. And suddenly i didn't have to cram bat listed book. I had all this free time to read much any more new things or or royces who new to me. And how have you found. Just a quick incident. How have you found this whole modern reading. Okay well the thing is. I shouldn't say this made me realize how our reading for battisti's is. We're very lucky because to some extent the quality control is also officially Heightened because we all people who who are experts to select books the therefore tend to be excellent books and we albritton by people whose work is also excellent interesting so a lot of our time we spend reading.

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