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Is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update At least 8 people are dead Some possibly trampled to death after a crowd rushed the stage at a Houston festival last night KTRK and Houston says members of a sold out crowd got out of control when rapper Travis Scott was joined on stage by hip hop star Drake and a surprise appearance Attendees had overtaken security earlier jumping over barricades and each other as security tried to stop them from just running into the park Police say 17 were taken to a hospital including 11 suffering cardiac arrest A 16 year old boy who's been charged in the murder of an Iowa high school Spanish teacher is reportedly now admitting he helped to conceal her death Documents filed in Iowa district court reportedly say William Miller told police he was at the park where the teacher was killed and that he helped cover up the crime The body of noema graver was found under a tarp at chautauqua park in Fairfield Tuesday with an apparent head injury The U.S. House has passed a bipartisan infrastructure Bill The vote was two 28 to two O 6 lawmakers approved at $1.2 trillion measure late last night 13 Republicans voting with most Democrats in approving the bill that's already passed the Senate they've now headed to President Biden's desk Brian chuck has a story out of Brazil a man was eaten by piranhas while trying to escape from a swarm of bees A Brazilian news outlet reports the 30 year old was fishing with friends last week when the bees attacked firefighters found him near the shore and told the outlet his face and other body parts were destroyed Authorities are trying to figure out if the man drowned before being eaten or if he couldn't swim away from the carnivorous fish The U.S. economy added 531,000 jobs in October pushing down the unemployment rate of 4.6% last month from 4.8 in September Speaking of The White House yesterday President Biden touted his economic policies saying they are working and that a recovery from the COVID pandemic is not happening by accident I'm Scott Carr Prosecutors in New York are convening a second grand jury and their ongoing investigation into the finances of the Trump organization Companies CFO Alan weisselberg already faces tax fraud charges No Manhattan DA Cy Vance has thought to be considering additional charges Three separate probes have been looking into whether the Trump organization misled officials regarding its tax reporting Trump himself was not charged A candidate in the Texas governor's race is speaking out after a heated exchange over face masks Cindy mccurdy has more Republican candidate for governor Allen west has responded to questions about an altercation where he pulled a mask off a person that he says yelled at him at DFW airport You need to respect me as an individual and my decisions And do not verbally a cost me or assault me and call me out of names First of all you need to know that I have the right to make the decisions about my body He says the man called him an idiot for not wearing a mask as required by federal regulation inside airports Wes says in his words he flicked the man's mask off and mocked the man for wearing one West was hospitalized with COVID last month It seems issues with the rapid COVID test led to a number of false positives this week at the New York Giants team facility Lab tests were given after 13 players and personnel originally tested positive Only running back to coach Burton burns retested as positive The NFL and bio reference labs are now working to figure out what's causing the false positives Team facilities.

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