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You're going to be geared up again soon. So you gotta do it. <hes> all right. Let's let's get into the first piece of news news. Just want to note that if you wanna skip over anything from twenty three that we talk about just a reminder to scroll down and look at the time stamps because we do go into a ton on twenty three things here for marvel to star wars to the radio disney animation stuff to some of the live action movies disney plus a lot of d twenty three content. If you want to skip any of that go in bruges his reminder time codes blow big off the top star wars d twenty-three had a ton of star wars news so this is how we're going to kind china do this year. They revealed footage. They feel like a sizzle reel yeah. It's not online yet. Oh no. It's gonna headline monday. They've never done that. They release the sizzle reel along with comecon or d twenty three so for the sake of not having too much redundancy won't we're going to gloss over the cicero very cook. I want to bring up one thing about the sizzle reel and then we'll talk about the poster that was released because because we're gonna talk about it on the later in the week episode. We actually need to see what's in there. Apparently what you see in the sizzle reel like three peel has read is here the the emperor speak <hes> ray has double double sided lightsaber type thing that like it folds into one and then it splits into two lightsabres which just something that was actually seen in star wars rebels animated tv series on but apparently it's a red sabre and then zoe bliss played by keri russell apparently her character who some people. I think we've all kind of speculation little bit of said. Maybe that's raise mom. She has a a relationship. I've been a history missing like a love interest relationship with plo dammit mankind out of that but there is a poster that came out. I'm shipping. Hell yeah there. There's a poster. It's not a theatrical posters. The posters that come out of d twenty-three in comecon. They're typically more like artsy and very basic. This one is i think the whole thing thing is like cartoonish essentially <hes> but it shows the emperor peering over ray and <hes> kylo fighting <hes> soco poster some of that stuff's cool any quick thoughts on that again i don't want. I don't wanna have to enroll where we just talk about the same thing. We haven't seen it yet. I it's astounding. We didn't get had a leak of that with the phones in a bag at that makes sense otherwise they get a leak of that. I still i'm still amazed we. We didn't get a leak of that or they. Just didn't drop it when it happened 'cause now. They're going to do it on right. It's when they're gonna. They're gonna sizzle it g._m. It actually i didn't see that i just saw i honestly there's a link to said the star wars teaser will drop on monday and i didn't click the link. I guess that's a good indication of why he will use. Click bait because i didn't didn't get baited into clicking it so i didn't click it okay. Let's be on twitter so this isn't will be on monday. We'll talk about it tuesday. I don't know if you have thoughts. There can check anything on the anything pressing on the sizzle or not even seen it got. It got to see it before he can make any comments on it right. 'cause it's been like just hearsay at this point and and i would tread very lightly on thinking an evil ray is a real thing or a it'd be sicker so it would be sick of hell sick sick of hell sick gaz hell but it's gonna be vision of some sort which is bad as bad as we still we still get the vision but it does make you wonder if we will see her a weapon in a different style or maybe it's not a vision because it seems like seems like a pretty pretty intricate weapon for just a vision we <hes> <hes> there apparently is like vader breathing out to note that doesn't mean anything obviously because we heard vader breathing either in the force awakens is definitely the trailers when they revealed the helmet's. I don't know anything they're the ones small episode nine that i do want to say. Is that barely john. Williams brother was like yeah. We recorded one hundred hours of of our one hundred minutes. It's of of music and they're still forty to go and i'm like holy shit. That's two hours and ten minutes. It's not a musical so they're still going to be some time with the movie that music. That seems like a lot oughta music baby. Hello mahani. Hello majed augier. It'll be long but that's that's. That's a lot nicer sure. It's like he's like revealed the runtime by accident. I don't know if you did <hes> but we will talk more on this. I know i was going to bump some people out but i don't. I don't wanna talk about it twice. Either talk about it what i know. I'm fucking talking about because you know. Some people did a bad they don't. They didn't play at twice. They played at once. You know some people that are bad job explaining it so we'll talk about it. There's a lot to bring up. Especially double sided lightsaber all that shit. We'll bring it up when we see it on monday. Maybe it'll be extra stuff as well who knows but i do and also i wanna talk more about this and that is is the mandatory on <hes> the still the number one trending trailer on youtube. It's the first release trailer and it's different than the one that was shown at <hes> at ah star celebration <hes> for the star wars the first star wars dreaming series of laurean from jon favreau features pedro pascal nick nolte not voicing forget the name of the character. It's one of the guys from empire strikes back on <unk> game. Kim kim oriented not yeah a little pick. The little pig is from clouds outrage. Oh oh are you guys from <hes> jobless. Yeah jobs barge if you ask. The empire strikes back cloud city. They have this little pig looking guys. Nick nolte is voicing one of them. One's that blew up c. three p._o. Right yea well. The stormtrooper did but they were they. Were there when it happened. Oh man they try to smell them. Yes yes they did joe. I did the junk carl weathers werner herzog senate with killing it with chris bill burr little pissed about this the d twenty three people people got to see bill bursts shooting a weapon and this is a different trailer but bill burr is in the back was bald head yup the bill burr talking about how he hated star wars as a kid because he didn't suit and didn't understand why people were all into it. When you went to school like the fall after the year the movies released go back and listen to it our guy jane's yourself movies talked about it like how often is guy just fucking concetti hated star star wars show now some pump for that and then a really big one tiger t._d. Is voicing character. Many people thought he'd be voicing i._g._a. And he's not i._g._a. That's probably the most well and more well known bounty hunters. That doesn't have a big role in star wars. These empire strikes back. He's in the shadows of the empire video game. It's not yeah it's not i though this is the description of the character which makes it even better often get a g eleven and he often gets mistaken for the famous i._g._a. Deafness like pissed off taika t._d. Sounding robot angry that people. Oh thank you somebody else like that at even better. It's got to be an are two droid in like you're getting confused like <unk> who's been involved in every major conflict in the entirety of recent recent history for the westlink hundred and fifty years they they've other characters obviously as well as the men laureate will be pedro pascal no idea we haven't heard him talk yet. No now ideally if you'll take his helmet off our subscriptions better to have a weekly. It's his job hunter. <hes> likes to work alone in his rather attached to his stuff. He has a bunch to weapons. He has one of them is back. That's actually a reference to the first appearance of bogota christmas special and the insurer to like he was going to use it yeah very cool. Ah giancarlo esposito's characters name is moth gideon. <hes> the moss were sector governors of the first galactic empire but now the empires collapsed governors around their own in some still have armies music their behest and this one is rather vicious. <hes> gina carano flint here game care a done fought in the galactic civil war under the banner of the rebellion former shock trooper. <hes> grief cargo car weather's character <hes> leader the bounty hunters guild asked amanda lorient to take on an assignment that nobody else wants and those the makers obviously the other main one is i g eleven voiced by not which i i go on a hot streak right now very hard to stop him but this and then i'll let you guys gives them more thoughts this. This is set after return of the jedi. This is after turn of the jet. I in the leadup the it's during this like age of where everything thing is in chaos right. No one's really ruling anything. The emperor's fallen the rebellion one but it's still it's it's hectic <hes> so that this is set between return of the jet yet. I am a force awakens which is a really cool time period and we'll get into the time line of all this. We gotta talk about two other series as well but long winded explanation knows all the a little nuggets and details can jack. What did you think of trailer. I thought was awesome. Super gritty style courtesy of the same cinematography crew that did rogue one. It looks like it's going to be more down thirty less fantastical which is cool because like that's what we always talk about. Stores right is like it's sort of like the classic cinema thing thing works good versus bad and it's very set in this. It's more you know grey areas stuff which is what we like with star wars characters cool car weather's awesome is seeing him mm-hmm <hes> <hes> just outfit and everything just just a quick look at it. Look at look at your car weather or whatever but he looked great <hes> werner harza her thing totally surprising <unk> pretty sure that before in just hearing him talk shows up and he's talking. He's our guy now. It's fantastic interesting. Ship look awesome too. I wanna know <unk> ship like they showed a little snippet of a space battle looked awesome. It's no slave one but it looked awesome. I think that i would be shocked. If this wasn't most people second most anticipated star wars property. I will say that they're more excited for this. Then then return of <hes> our skywalk the reaction to this seemed universally very very very good well okay. I feel like most people i understand. Some people said. Most people have episode nine then. I think you're probably split between obi wan in this and i just don't think we know enough about o._b. One but i'm gonna go out on a limb. Make a hot take that this is going to be better than obi wan is this is just just <hes>. This is what this is really what we've been asking for in a star wars property where it's yet this great big galaxy to fucking do some other characters young. They're doing it so i enjoy it. Felonious onboard too which is awesome. Kazaa season sponsor for clenwar series <unk> series was fantastic in just interested in the storylines getting the learning more about the characters and learning more about the arcs is. I think this could be a really interesting story because of kind of what you're saying tro dislike. It's a huge goddamn universe like let's look at some other stuff. We're going to get that. We're going to get some end lorrimore. Bryce dallas howard's. It'd be directing an episode. You're gonna <unk> tyco t._d. The first draft of a day flown who is always kind of been like an understudy george lucas and he did rebel the clone wars. He did all that and this drops the first one hundred nineteen and is the big thing. It's a big thing at disney pluses doing that differentiates them from net flicks and i like this a awat and that is a thoroughly releasing one episode a week. It's going to be so they're trying to go for that. That viral way too weak discuss type thing. Ten episodes so's one hundred twenty million dollars. I i like that a lot. Yeah i wanted binge all ten at once but you know what this this is create type and there's also get right to rise a skywalker. Well hulu does the same thing and some are the handmaid's tale does week to week releases. I like it too. I in i guess when it probably comes out wish selfishly. I was able to bend all of them at one time but from the.

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