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This is from Sarah in so count that says, D A. Did you see that the media was given one final tour of Jack Murphy Stadium here? Are you guys gonna talk about the end of our old home of the charges and Padres? Yes, indeed we will. In fact, I think tomorrow morning I want to rank the greatest events ever held there because people don't realize There were three Super Bowls at was Jack Murphy, Qualcomm. Whatever it became, there was two All Star Games. Major League Baseball All Star Games. There was post seasons with the Padres in big playoff game for the Chargers. There was big events at the old Jack Murphy Stadium. So I want to talk about that, because It's going to get demolished. Charges moved out. Padres have been out for a long time. And now it's getting raised and we'll talk about it tomorrow on the show the best moments ever at old Jack Murphy. Let's get to your epic Fail of the morning, Boys and girls. It's the evil twin Sean for rash who's trying to apparently steel. The celebrity of Sean Morash. Here's your epic Fail. Even the D A show is not perfect. We know shocking. Here's the epic field. Andrew Bogus, says our headlines this morning. Maybe what's your big takeaway here? I just I still can't believe that he is hanging on so strongly to this without a shred of evidence that this other Shawn has done anything to steal. His identity struck Shin I mean, nothing. His name was his name in 2008. And I rode respect. Oh w R r O w w r Whatever That was. If he had that point decided to steal your identity, it would have been one of the worst choices in the history of the universe. What could he have thought he was trying to be you it again if you wanted to be you, why wouldn't he just be Sean Morash? He should be you. Well done yet. He's not heavy. He has a full head of hair. He has a full beard at getting you were the one calling him for us yesterday and the one that said, we He's only been in paper. We've never seen him and then we all saw him within eight seconds of Googling his name. He's been on TV doing interviews, so he's not fighting trying to steal your identity. You can. It's okay to lose every once in a while, Shawn. I'm sorry. That took a decade of figure it out. But he's not trying to be you in any way. I'm not even a little bit. Finish him. Guys that just never going to get it. You're never going to get it and everybody close to me at home gets it And you guys, you guys have to detach from situation. Never going to get it. There's something something more here. We're too attached to reality. In fact, that's our problem. Victory never going to get it. And this is why I am convinced that Morales can only be built in the laboratory of West Babylon. Because in this Bizarre. Truman show Snow Globe. He has all these enablers that are making him believe that there's some type of connection here when clearly he's just a guy that has a name that's slightly a few letters away from it is and happened to grope in the same town epic Fail, you loser. Why it's one of the greatest story lines that has ever been told here on the DEA show. Rob Tweets D A. Do you think Morales believes that someday West Babylon will have one of those now entering signs that reads now entering West Babylon, home to Shawn Moore as Creator of the teriyaki Chicken, bacon sub and CBS sports radio..

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