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Day we'll be under water. You don't wanna lose council right entity on triple jack in the last twenty four hours the reactions of coming into these stralia government committing to a knit zero target by two thousand fifty. It was a big commitment but lots of people were concerned. It lacked action. Some of them are pacific neighbours. You've said they will be a catastrophe if ustralia does not commit to a tougher twenty thirty target which is not doing a lot of pacific nations less than a couple of mehta's above say level and climate change is already threatening their harms. And we're seeing that happening australia as well on the taurus right allen's just south of those countries soon. We're gonna speak to. The lawyer suing the australian government on behalf of those communities on your thoughts. So now that you've had time to digest at. What do you think of the government's new climate plant text in osceola three nine seven five seven. Triple five i though. Laura has been speaking to young pacific leaders. It will see the changes. They're worried what will happen in this huge. I there we state. Tiny era is a twenty two year old from kiribati's it's made up of tiny atolls in the pacific with islands in every hemisphere. It's very well we. We don't have mountains. Most of them are the highest gear up to three meters yet. There are a whole nations in the pacific like hereabouts. That are only a couple of mehta's above see level that's why climate change is an extra essential threatful them. It's not just the rising say level. The warming climate olsen means more frequent strong tropical storms king tides. The roy the land and the underground water table is also rising getting saltier and affecting crops. And it's already impacting of life independent. Because that's the only resource that is brandon Fishing and is that is out of our life barlow. Ten era says young. People incubus really. Don't nari if they'll be able to stay or before to leave their homes for good. Wanna stay in console identity own who we are coaching. And we're encysted right has built off would be really sad if seven happen Word even as as a little culture loss on the week on the global scale the the emissions from pacific island countries insignificant but pacific island countries are not at all in significant in the global story about climate. Change just to wesley. Morgan is from the climate council. nfl agree. I uni such as the international politics of climate change especially in the pacific where he worked for twelve years. He said specifically of stepped up international climate negotiations as the powerful moral voice in the room because they are at the front lawn of climate change. They are able to use the moral authority to demand. Action from other countries in the un climate tokes every country gets one vote with your china railway the to violin inside pacific island countries. They've been able to work together as a block and they've been able to really shape the un climate negotiations. Dr morgan records. Australia often underestimates this policy. Makers in cameron they tend to think of pacific island countries as the small and vulnerable almonds in strategies backyard but on climate change. The tables are really the other way round. This because australia is is the one. That's oscillated from the global consensus on comet chain. Australia is the biggest and wealthiest country in the pacific in generally takes a leadership role. There's also a lot of benefits restrictor strategically to be a good friend in the region but dr mortgage thinks how governments climate policy undermine size relationships pacific leaders have seen te increase its exports of fossil fuels and they simply can't understand why a member of the family is taking actions that undercut the wellbeing of civic island if they want to keep us out of their borders. They need to do their part. Because we don't want to come to australia. We want to stay on our own mind. Someone hears spain. At the full-frontal these conversations representing the pacific is monitoring from tuba another low-lying at all to the north of fiji he was the co-chair of indigenous peoples working group. But one of the recent un climate conferences and also works with the new climate action network for the industrialized countries economics. Come first but for us. Living in low-lying at one point five degrees or any race of numbers was spell demise. It's literally killing the planet and we are doing away with our moral duty to ensure the continuity of people living no lying monitors frustrated with the target of net zero emissions by twenty fifty. He sees it as true light for. He's hi so. I'm not sure what we still around by five more known In a sense that always do floating or submerged. Totally minor wants world latest to agree to ending fossil fuels when they made in glasgow next wake and he thinks australia should do the same country like australia. Which is very advanced. Seawall is have the resources have the knowledge that technology and so forth. I think they can always unmitigated there. We out of kohl's between the two year old tony era from curabaz. He just won't young australians to listen to other young people in the pacific and try and help them who all have a home. Hopefully we all can relate to that as an only difference at in reducing unchanged it would affect of areas. 'cause you love your country. I'd anyone sates coach. Hopefully they relates less in that way and try to help us out hack triple j joy lauda there and a fever texting in their thoughts about. Yeah the government's plan to deal with climate change. Someone sells says the so-called plan to continue the status quo with decade old policies. That are already ranked lost out of almost two hundred countries someone else. I wouldn't even call it a commitment when there's no legislation and no new policies. I want to know your thoughts. You worried about your home and rising sales like these young people. We've just heard about maybe worried about the surf. Little change on the coast to see we'll being built in your area three nine seven five seven triple five. Text me so yeah. Another group dealing with rising say levels destroying their homes. He's right here. Australia on the torres strait islands. This whole kabye. Who is suing the australian government saying it should have prevented climate change to stop the loss of his community. It is the first case of its kind in ustralia lachey. We're not going so by.

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